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  1. League: Football
  2. Algeria vs. Russia
    1 Algeria
    1 Russia
  3. Brazil vs. Chile
    1 (3) Brazil
    1 (2) Chile
  4. Colombia vs. Uruguay
    2 Colombia
    0 Uruguay
  5. Netherlands vs. Mexico
    2 Netherlands
    1 Mexico
  6. Costa Rica vs. Greece
    1 (5) Costa Rica
    1 (3) Greece
  7. France vs. Nigeria
    2 France
    0 Nigeria
  8. Germany vs. Algeria
    2 Germany
    1 Algeria
  9. Argentina vs. Switzerland
    1 Argentina
    0 Switzerland
  10. Belgium vs. USA
    2 Belgium
    1 USA
  11. France vs. Germany
    0 France
    1 Germany
  12. Brazil vs. Colombia
    2 Brazil
    1 Colombia
  13. Argentina vs. Belgium
    1 Argentina
    0 Belgium
  14. Netherlands vs. Costa Rica
    0 (4) Netherlands
    0 (3) Costa Rica
  15. Brazil vs. Germany
    1 Brazil
    7 Germany
  16. Netherlands vs. Argentina
    0 (2) Netherlands
    0 (4) Argentina
  17. Brazil vs. Netherlands
    Sat 16:00 EDT
  18. Germany vs. Argentina
    Sun 15:00 EDT
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Current League:World Cup

World Cup - Ronaldo hoping Portugal avoid trio in draw

Cristiano Ronaldo has listed the three countries he hopes Portugal avoid in the World Cup draw and who he believes can win the tournament.

World Cup - Ronaldo hoping Portugal avoid trio in draw

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Portugal's Cristiano Ronaldo (PA Sport)

Today will see the 32 qualified nations for the competition being hosted in Brazil next summer learn their group stage opponents.

For Real Madrid’s leading forward, who will be captaining Portugal at the competition, there are three countries to keep an eye out for.

“The candidates to win the World Cup are Brazil, Spain and Germany,” Ronaldo said.

“Perhaps it is not a good time for us to come up against them, but we have not considered that yet. We shall see what comes from the draw.

“We have confidence, we are well and have fulfilled the objective to reach Brazil.

“We hope that we do not meet one of those stronger sides are the start.”

The 28-year-old will feature in his third World Cup and was asked if this could be ‘his’ tournament.

“Maybe, but it depends on many things, how the season goes and that everyone feels good.

“There are many factors, but I feel good right now and what matters is that I continue like this to the end of the League season and then into the World Cup.

“We cannot make any promises on the title, but we are going to give it our best.”

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