Superbikes - British Superbike chiefs change podium credit system

British Superbike bosses have this morning announced an alteration to the Showdown podium credit system to give race winners more recognition of their achievements.

Previously, it was a simple 3-2-1 point format for the rostrum which, cumulatively, was carried forward into the final three races of the season but that has now been changed to 5-3-1 in 2014.

"The Showdown concept, in which the top six riders' points are re-set and compressed after 9 of the 12 events, has been a great success though it has been agreed that more recognition should be given to the podium finishers in the 19 races forming the Main Season, and that these performances should have a greater influence in the title-deciding Showdown phase," said series director Stuart Higgs.

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