Superbikes - 'Cost reduction crucial' to WSBK survival, says Checa

Former World Superbike Champion Carlos Checa has come out in favour of the new Evo class set to be introduced in 2014 and says that reducing costs is key to the series survival.

Ducati, for whom Checa is still works, will run Nico Canepa on an Evo bike with the Althea team, and the Spanish star says the playing field in 2014 will be much more level.

"Honestly I'm very positive about the introduction of the EVO class. Technology doesn't bring more emotions, maybe more safety, but the field is surely going to be much more levelled," he said.

"In such a difficult time for the economy, especially in the world of motorcycling, cost reduction is crucial. Superbike is not about technology, it's about great competition for all the people involved in the series."

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