Ski Jumping - Schlierenzauer soars to win in Lillehammer

Gregor Schlierenzauer won the men's HS100 in Lillehammer.

Schlierenzauer's opening jump of 105.5m had put him out in front, and he followed up with 97m for a winning total of 288.5 points.

Taku Takeuchi came in five points behind in second place with 99 m and 100.5m while Richard Freitag was third.

Schlierenzauer said: "I'm very happy and proud that I was able to win today. My first jump was very good and I also had some luck with the conditions. These two things combined brought me the lead after the first round. Taku was a dangerous opponent today, his technique is good and it's only a matter of time until he stands on top of the podium."