Premier League - Mourinho mocks Suarez's ‘acrobatic swimming pool jump'

All the managerial reaction from Sunday’s Premier League games with Jose Mourinho accusing Luis Suarez of doing an ‘acrobatic swimming pool jump’ to try and win a penalty.

Chelsea 2-1 Liverpool

Jose Mourinho: “Suarez lost a duel with [Cesar] Azpilicueta, Azpilicueta has the ball and is leaving the box with the ball and now he's doing an acrobatic swimming pool jump to try to get the penalty, because he's so clever because he's in the area where the Liverpool supporters behind. But [referee Howard] Webb is 10 metres away. And I think the only mistake Webb did was not to give him a yellow card.

"The player [Suarez] is amazing. He does everything to win and Brendan [Rodgers] is doing a fantastic job on him because he's changed. There's no doubt that he's changed. But when the situation is like this and you are losing comes the nature of the player, the wild nature of the player or the cultural nature of the player. Culturally people from that area [South America], they like it. It's not also that area. There's a corner in Europe where I belong to, that they also like [diving]."

Brendan Rodgers: "We couldn't have had two tougher games against two greater squads,” he told BBC Sport. “Our squad is very thin at the moment. Against Manchester City we were the best team and today, after taking the lead, we gave away a disappointing goal.

"The players have been outstanding. If one or two things had gone our way maybe the result would have been different. At the start of our season this squad was very thin anyway and we needed that bit of luck with nobody getting injured but up until four weeks ago that worked for us."

Newcastle 0-1 Arsenal

Alan Pardew: "There was definitely a foul before then on Anita [in the build up to the Arsenal goal], without a shadow of a doubt; there was a foul on Sissoko that he [referee Lee Probert] didn't give. In terms of the breaks of the decisions, I don't want to say the referee had a poor game, but sometimes he sees those calls and they go your way, sometimes they don't.

"Against Stoke, we had all the calls go our way and perhaps we were on the other side of it. It's just frustrating, a little bit, that we have not got something on the scoreboard in terms of a point, no more than that. One set-play where we didn't defend well has cost us and we have been good at them all year."

Arsene Wenger: "We have many times been questioned, but we have shown that at West Ham, where we were 1-0 down, we have shown that again, where we were a bit backs-to-the-wall in the last 15 minutes.

"There's a great solidarity and a great spirit in the side. For years, we were younger to resist this kind of pressure, but we have always been up there at the top. If you analyse well our results, we have always been up there. Last year in this period, we were out of the championship race, but in 2013, we have been quite consistent."

Tottenham 3-0 Stoke

Tim Sherwood: "I thought we were good from start to finish. We set about Stoke from the outset, moved the ball around well and created enough chances to win two games in the first half. It is great to have a clean sheet. I think Hugo Lloris deserves a clean sheet - he is one of the best goalkeepers there is.

"I think that was our first league win since October here as well, which is good to get off our back. I am looking at positives rather than negatives and we were unfortunate on Boxing Day [in the 1-1 draw with West Brom] that one of those chances didn't fall for us. The positives today are that we had a lot of players out injured and the ones that came in were exceptional, did very, very well. Kyle Naughton and Zeki Fryers were excellent.”

Mark Hughes: “In the initial period we had a couple of decisions that we were disappointed with. Obviously Jon Walters going through the middle, we felt he was impeded and there was a case for their lad to be sent off.

“Oussama Assaidi also went into the box and felt he was impeded as well. He went down and that could have been a penalty all before Spurs got their penalty, which was a little bit harsh but I can understand why it was given. You need those things to go for you in the early part of the game and if we had gone into the lead it would have given us real encouragement and who knows?”

Everton 2-1 Southampton

Roberto Martinez: “From the outside, yes, you are going to judge a striker by his goalscoring ability and the numbers. But for me, if he scores goals, great - but it is a bonus. I judge him in terms of all the aspects. I thought he was magnificent against Swansea [a recent 2-1 win] without scoring. I couldn't be happier with his finish today, but I think that is an add-on.

“We have been working on other aspects of his game. We have never been in a position where we were getting a little bit worried and thought that was his only role as a striker. You want strikers to score goals, but in the same way, he attracts two or three opposition players at the moment, so it is understandable that other players get that stage - players like Seamus Coleman, who gets into that position really well and takes advantage of it.”

Mauricio Pochettino: "I thought overall it was a very good game, with both teams going forward and playing good, attacking football. But it is a shame, because we leave with nothing and I think we deserved a lot more from this game.

"My team played very well. There were many phases of the game in which we were actually superior to Everton. It is clear that we are a young team, but this team has personality and a certain attacking style, and we try to impose this wherever we are playing, always going for the win.When we recover some of the players we have missing, it will make us even stronger."