Premier League - Jol fury at Berbatov's 'stupid' T-shirt celebration

Dimitar Berbatov struck early for Fulham on Boxing Day - but manager Martin Jol was less than happy with him as Southampton salvaged a 1-1 draw.

Having opened the scoring with eight minutes on the clock, the Bulgarian removed his shirt to show the message ‘Keep calm and pass me the ball’.

The play on the 'Keep calm and carry on' posters might have had Berbatov laughing, but Jol was less than happy about the booking which inevitably followed when he removed his shirt.

"It was a bit stupid and I will have to have a word with him," Jol said.

"He probably thought he would get away with it as he never gets booked. It wasn't the brightest thing to do but he wanted to make a statement.

"He tells the youngsters every day to play with confidence, keep the ball and don't be afraid.

”You need confidence and self-belief to play your football. He wants us to play in a certain style and that is the message he's trying to get across."

Was it a sense of humour failure from Jol? Or a needless distraction from his star striker? Have your say in the comments section below: