Premier League - Ain't that a kick in the head: Fowler kicks Bishop in face

Anfield was shocked on Monday night - not by Liverpool's defeat, but by Robbie Fowler kicking comedian John Bishop in the face at half-time.

The moment came as part of a half-time charity show for 'Seeing is Believing', a charity which supports the blind, with Fowler attempting a blindfold penalty and Bishop teeing the ball up for him to strike.

The former Liverpool striker kicked quickly and smashed the ball straight into Liverpool-fan Bishop's head, to cue guffaws from fans and players alike.

Fowler went on to score his penalty - though we should point out that it was only the Liverpool mascot in goal.

Bishop's humiliation only continued, however, as he very nearly missed the ball while attempting his own spot kick.

Still, even that wasn't as bad as what happened to the proper Liverpool team: Steven Gerrard missed a penalty in the as Liverpool went on to lose 2-0 to West Brom.