Marko's comments baffle Alonso

Fernando Alonso says he does not understand why Red Bull's Helmut Marko thinks that he is too involved in Formula 1's politics.

Marko suggested in a recent interview that Sebastian Vettel and Red Bull had gained an edge over Alonso in their title battle last year because they had shut themselves away from what he believed were political games played by their rival.

Speaking at Ferrari's Wrooom media event at Madonna di Campiglio on Thursday, Alonso said he was baffled by Marko's stance, especially because if Red Bull had not taken on board the comments, then why was it responding.

"I do not think I am very good at that," said Alonso about whether or not he was too political. "I simply drive cars.

"I was surprised by those statements, but I think they were simply statements a bit mixed up, a bit meaningless.

"They say that they did not listen and they did not speak. They were saying they were not being influenced by what we said, but it means they did listen or someone woke up at night and read the comments - because they had to calm down.

"They [Marko's comments] were a bit mixed up, without any real control. So I do not think we should pay too much attention to those statements."