Liga - Barcelona to decide on Camp Nou demolition in January

Barcelona have confirmed that a board decision on the future of the Camp Nou will likely be made in January.

The Catalans are set to hold a vote between its directors at a meeting set in the new year to determine whether to renovate the current 99,786-capacity ground, or to construct a new ground.

Although progress was made at a meeting on Monday, the Barca directors will not announce their preferred option until early in 2014.

Club spokesman Toni Freixa has explained the two options and what each would mean for the club and the specific facilities in question.

"The construction of a new stadium on the land on Diagonal, property which belongs to the University of Barcelona, and a profound remodeling project that would constitute a new stadium keeping current structure of the Camp Nou.

"Both would have a capacity of 105,000 spectators, the stadium would be covered, there will be a construction of a new Palau with a capacity of 12,000 spectators, an adjacent court with a capacity of 2,000 spectators, 6,000 new parking spots and access to the Ciutat Esportiva of the Miniestadi.

Despite the sizeable financial outlay that would be involved in either option, Freixa has insisted that any project would not harm the club.

"We’ve made advances, we have all the information and we’re in a position to make a decision.

"The project will] need to be viable from a technical perspective, urbanist and economic. We would never submit a project that would endanger the sustainability of the club.”

A potential relocation could prove to be a controversial move with the existing stadium so iconic and the alternative land belonging to the University of Barcelona.

The Nou Camp, which has been the home of Barcelona since 1957, is already the largest ground in Europe with a capacity of 99,354.