GV: Rosberg takes on Premiership winner

Nico Rosberg has given Manchester City footballer Sergio Aguero a demonstration run in a Mercedes DTM machine at Donington Park.

Aguero claimed the ride after winning the Puma Race Off Challenge, in which various sporting stars were pitted against each other in a simulated lap of Monza.

Against Rosberg's benchmark of 1m21.05s, Aguero was the fastest invited driver with a 1m22.58s.

Prior to his run in a DTM car with Rosberg, Aguero drove the Chinese Grand Prix racewinner around in a race-tuned C63 AMG.

"Sergio sure knows how to drive," Rosberg said.

"In the Mercedes C 63 AMG car he flew around the track and handled the car really well, so full respect to him for that. I was a bit surprised how good he was."

Aguero added: "I didn't expect the ride in the DTM with Nico to be so scary, I felt like I'd had a full workout and I wasn't even driving.

"I had no idea beforehand how intense it would be, it was a fast car and when I got out I could hardly walk.

I think my skills were there for all to see. Maybe I would not be quite as quick as Rosberg, but he has had more practice than me. In time, I might even be quicker."