Formula 1 - Hulkenberg lauds high-speed handling

Nico Hulkenberg believes that Sauber's new Formula 1 car has maintained the high-speed strengths of its predecessor.

The German had his first experience of the new C32 at Jerez on Tuesday, and said that first impressions had been encouraging.

"It has been a positive day to be honest," said Hulkenberg, who ended the day seventh overall.

"It was pretty constructive. There were no issues on the reliability side - which is the most important on the first day, especially with the aggressive design of the car - so it has been a solid day."

Hulkenberg said that he had had few problems getting himself comfortable enough in the cockpit, despite his tall frame.

And, although still getting used to his new surroundings, he said that some characteristics of his new challenger had left him happy.

"Roughly, from what I have seen, when I raced against the Sauber as well, their car looked pretty good on high-speed stuff," said the German when asked for initial comparisons with last year's Force India.

"And that is what I think today. I felt pretty happy with it as well, the high-speed corners, and that was basically it. It is still a different car.

"You have to get used to a new look out of the cockpit, new steering wheel, new feeling, but it has gone well."