Formula 1 - Hamilton accused of 'totally misleading' evidence

The court case between Antony Hamilton and Paul di Resta has descended into further acrimony with Di Resta’s QC, Paul Downes, accusing the father of F1 star Lewis Hamilton of providing "totally misleading" evidence.

Last week, Anthony Hamilton testified that his son Lewis broke a £2.5m promise by abruptly withdrawing an offer to give his father a huge payment around the time the pair split in 2010.

The F1 manager had told the court that while he was his Lewis's manager he had never been paid by, or accepted gifts from his son, but under cross examination on Monday he appeared to contradict that evidence.

While Hamilton Sr remains adamant that he had not personally received any form of payment from his son, he did concede that his management company had received £500,000 a year up until the end of the 2012 season – a fact the 57-year-old claimed he had forgotten.

"I completely forgot there was a [management] agreement between Lewis’ company and my company [Hamilton Management Group],” Hamilton said during his fourth day in the witness box.

"I never submitted an invoice in 2007, 2008 or 2009. He paid up after we split in 2010. He still maintained to pay HMG half a million pounds a year until 2012.”

Hamilton, who is suing current Formula One driver Di Resta for unlawful termination of contract, strenuously denied that he had misled the court.

He has remained adamant that he had "not personally been paid, but my company had been paid".

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