Scottish Football - Ciftci handed ban

Dundee United forward Nadir Ciftci has been handed a two-match ban after a modified "excessive misconduct" charge was proved by a disciplinary tribunal on Tuesday.

The 21-year-old Turk won his appeal against the red card he received in the Scottish League Cup quarter-final at Inverness on October 29, and had a further violent conduct charge dropped.

However, he still faced a Scottish Football Association hearing over accusations he grabbed a linesman by the throat during a mass brawl.

He was alleged to have breached disciplinary rule 201 - "excessive misconduct at a match by seizing hold of an assistant referee, namely Gavin Harris, by the throat".

The SFA confirmed on its website on Tuesday evening that the judicial panel had found the "excessive misconduct charge proved but in relation to an amended charge, namely 'excessive misconduct at a match by placing an open hand into the lower area of the assistant referee's throat'."

The player will serve a two-game suspension - one match immediate and one match suspended until the end of the season (to take effect in the event of a breach of disciplinary rule 201 during that period).

United lost 2-1 in the match after conceding in the 120th minute.