Boxing - Cameron focusing on Glasgow

British boxer Chantelle Cameron is adamant she can put the disappointment of missing out on London 2012 behind her by proving her worth ahead of the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

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Cameron believes her inexperience cost her in attempting to qualify for the London 2012 Olympics which included losing to eventual lightweight gold medallist Katie Taylor.

She shares the same gym as fellow Brit Nicola Adams, who won flyweight gold in the capital, and is using her training partner’s achievements to inspire her to greater heights.

And, after watching a wealth of Olympic sports during the summer, Cameron is eager to book a place at Glasgow 2014 and the Rio Olympics in 2016.

“The past year hasn’t gone as well as I had planned because I was hoping to be a part of London 2012 but my lack of experience cost me,” said Cameron.

“I’m working alongside Nicola Adams and, with her team and what she’s achieved, it has been a massive inspiration for what I want.

“It gives you an extra edge to push yourself that little bit further, seeing someone alongside you achieve it, knowing exactly what you’re going to get.

“Everyday I’m learning, every time I’m in the gym I’m learning more and more and as you go on with your training you get more and more confident.

“Every time I watched any sport, from trampolining to boxing, my stomach was turning and the atmosphere was just incredible. It makes me hungrier to get to Rio.

“With the 2014 Commonwealth Games coming up, this next year is massive for me to make my mark. The next year is going to be big for me to prove that I’m the one for 2014.”

However Cameron isn’t taking anything for granted and is keen to ensure she has something to fall back on after her boxing career ends, or should it come to a premature end.

“Boxing is my main priority at the moment but I know as with any sport at any moment anything could happen,” she added. “Tomorrow I could injure myself and that’s me out of my game.

“I’m trying to get a back up in place as well, with personal training or something along those lines. As much as I rely on my boxing I know I have got to have a plan B.”

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