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Sunday November 18, 2012 | Finished

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  1. What I love about the win is the irony. Back in the old­ days, Texas was one of the most racist states in the­ Union. I think it's absolutely great that a Black­ man won the first race there. I was also hoping to see­ some media group use the headline "Brit takes­ America" the next day. I'm looking forward to­ this weekend; the last GP will be a helluva race.

    From Put Rose In, on Wed 21 Nov 3:16
  2. It's a very comprtative sport and this season has­ been outstanding with so many teams being so­ competative. You have to win everyplace and every point­ within the rules!!!!!!!!! Or pull a fast one! Crafty­ Ferrari!!!!!!! Well done, It's the teams choice to­ pull any tactic to give there driver an advantage over­ the rest of the field. Well done Lewis. A­ champion's drive, along with Vettle Alonso,­ Raikkonin, Button and Schui who are champion drivers.­ Kamakazi Kobiayashi will join them soon...........­ mmmmm,,,,,, Food for thought?

    From ERIC, on Mon 19 Nov 14:41
  3. Lewis Well done for a great race - that is something I­ have never voiced before being a Ferrari Girl, not that­ I have anything bad to say about you either and I do­ think you are a great Racing driver so thank you

    From *kimmi*, on Mon 19 Nov 13:05
  4. well done lewis......If olly your car was set up right­ for the last two races, then there would have been more­ than a 2 car title the next two races at­ Inter and brazil to prove a piont as the best driver.­ Even if vettol wins he would of done so by picking up­ crumbs to win the title....already looking forward to­ next season.......Bless

    From jeffrey, on Mon 19 Nov 11:34
  5. best man won yes

    From Peter, on Mon 19 Nov 5:40
  6. Any 1 with a thumbs down against lewis are just sour­ krauts...

    From Ray, on Sun 18 Nov 21:06

    From jonboy, on Sun 18 Nov 21:04
  8. Who's the man -Go Lewis!!!

    From Clement, on Sun 18 Nov 20:57
  9. Charlie Brown: Hamilton is driving for Mercedes next­ year not Ferrari. Do keep up.

    From Biggles, on Sun 18 Nov 20:57
  10. Well done Ferrari you effectivly cheated to get third­ place. Your tactics before the race were disrepectful­ not just to the fans that support F1 but all the­ drivers on the grid including your own. You effectivly­ cast Massa to one side and had no faith in Alonso`s­ ability. Personally as a big supporter of F1 I can­ honestly say the sport has become a joke and things­ like this prove it. The governing body should really­ take a long look at it self, bottom line is they bent­ the rules to cheat the sport and its supporters. This­ will be the last grand prix I watch complete joke.

    From Thomas, on Sun 18 Nov 20:54
  11. Commeth the Hour Commeth The Man!! ­ ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL BrtaniaAAAAAAAAAH­ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    From Earl, on Sun 18 Nov 20:48
  12. Why do some idiot say #$%$ things

    From Bart, on Sun 18 Nov 20:47
  13. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    anyway vettel is ten classes over anybody in f1.

    From Sorin, on Sun 18 Nov 20:46
  14. If Mclaren had reliability all season Vettel would not­ have been so cocky and Lewis would not have to leave! ­ So to those who derided Lewis for Leaving there is your­ answer !! Give him the car and watch Vettel Humbled­ crying during the race !! Boo Hoo!!

    From Earl, on Sun 18 Nov 20:46
  15. Well Done Lewis

    From STEWART SMITH, on Sun 18 Nov 20:46
  16. Hamilton is pure class.

    From jack, on Sun 18 Nov 20:46
  17. Well done Lewis i hope Fernando gives Seb a good­ run in the next race Good luck to Red Bull on the­ constuctors championship Well done to all finishers ­ Bart

    From Bart, on Sun 18 Nov 20:45
  18. Whhhoooohhhaaaa!! Well done Hamilton....Showing your­ skill. With an overtake on Vettel. And Button well done­ for finishing 5th. I must say a bit well done to Alonso­ also. Well done all down to the wire and­ Brazil......whhooppeee!!!

    From F1_Faithfull, on Sun 18 Nov 20:45
  19. well done Lewis great drive

    From K, on Sun 18 Nov 20:44
  20. Good race. Super track! On to Brasil!

    From Veritas vos liberabit, on Sun 18 Nov 20:44
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