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United States Grand Prix - Qualifying

Saturday November 17, 2012 | Finished

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  1. Wrong grid graphics. Switch lines, right Eurosport?­ Have a ball of a race!! Go Alonso!!

    From Bjorn, on Sun 18 Nov 18:44
  2. very good for hmtonfor 2nd plaec go ad beat vettl and­ get to fusrt and get to the podum

    From MARK, on Sun 18 Nov 16:36
  3. Alonso has a great challenge in front of him, but­ Vettel made impossible happen last race. Now it's­ Alonso's turn to prove. :) I am hoping it'll be­ a great race without any collisions or stupid­ maneuvers...

    From Maxim, on Sun 18 Nov 12:22
  4. Alonso will surely chase Vettel and #$%$ the win

    From jethro, on Sun 18 Nov 11:05
  5. Ralph: The United States Grand Prix is a motor race­ which has been run on and off since 1908, when it was­ known as the American Grand Prize. The race later­ became part of the Formula One World Championship. Over­ 41 editions, the race has been held at nine locations,­ most recently in 2007 at the Indianapolis Motor­ Speedway. Also when the race was at Indy, it was in­ the infeild and not on the oval. And a record F1 crowd­ of a quarter million people watched from the stands.

    From Jon, on Sun 18 Nov 9:04
  6. Goodluck 2day Lewis. Same to Sabas though Redbull is­ not my favorite, but your a Talent Sabas " Keep­ on"

    From Janvier W, on Sun 18 Nov 8:20
  7. Alonso never give up until the race finished. We'll­ watch the drama...

    From Tony Noor, on Sun 18 Nov 0:30
  8. I just read a lot of "DOWN WITH ALONSO" and I­ can not see why? But then this is published in the UK,­ the classless group that can not figure out that it is­ a right hand world.

    From Dusty, on Sat 17 Nov 23:56
  9. It looks like game over for Alonso. FIA just got it­ its way once more.

    From Sunny, on Sat 17 Nov 22:26
  10. Ralph must be a youngster---Watkins Glen in New York­ was the Formula 1 track years ago-

    From nobody, on Sat 17 Nov 19:53
  11. Michael Schumacher qualifies 6th for F1 United States­ grand prix. Not bad for a 43 year old.

    From Alisdair, on Sat 17 Nov 19:22
  12. vettel on pole,but wow hamilton only 1 tenth­ down,mclaren are f'ed without him and that is a­ fact.

    From Breda, on Sat 17 Nov 19:13
  13. Eurosport -- What yo should be doing is sending your­ reporters to have a testical implant an a hormonal­ therapy...this is really pathetic at this juncture of­ the game!!!---Wirhour passion -- a start-up will not­ even START!

    From Jeanious, on Sat 17 Nov 19:07
  14. Good bye Alonso......Cant stand him...

    From Ann, on Sat 17 Nov 19:06
  15. Alonso is #$%$

    From Neetme, on Sat 17 Nov 19:05
  16. So who is Grosjean going to take out on the first­ corner.. or should I ask How Many... ??

    From Graham, on Sat 17 Nov 19:03
  17. Di resta at his best again again I see

    From Snabaw, on Sat 17 Nov 18:51
  18. tea pot

    From geoff, on Sat 17 Nov 18:40
  19. Good luck to both Hamilton and Button also DiResta­ I'd like to see him come on too

    From Marie, on Sat 17 Nov 18:37
  20. Safest place to be is out in front. Best of luck,­ Lewis...

    From Nick, on Sat 17 Nov 18:22
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