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United States Grand Prix - Free Practice 2

Friday November 16, 2012 | Finished

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  1. Wladimir, why have you got your knickers in a twist.­ You need to try and dig them out as its making you­ sound rather disturbed, uncouth and frankly dumb. Your­ bully boy tactics are so dated. It my opinion and if­ you happen not to agree that is fine as I actually­ respect your difference in opinion. But I'm not­ going to abuse you for having a different opinion. At­ least thats what we try to do in the UK, i.e respect­ each others opinion even if we dont agree. Take a break­ and have a KIT KAT it's only a sport after all.

    From jay, on Sat 17 Nov 3:57
  2. Hoop Vettel take World Title this weekend then maybe­ Schu would get a gift in his latest GP.

    From Ra.Planet of The Apes, on Fri 16 Nov 20:56
  3. hamiltion is the best on the grid when he got the car­ to drive and thats it

    From Peter, on Fri 16 Nov 20:26
  4. These three drivers are clearly a cut above the rest.­ Without a shadow of doubt they are the best on the grid­ and iit would have been even more exhilarating if it­ was a three way tie going into the last two races.­ Vettel is the best ewhen he has a leading position,­ Alonso can turn a dog of a car into a racing car and­ Hamilton is the fastest on the grid when he has a good­ car.

    From jay, on Fri 16 Nov 18:58
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