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German Grand Prix - Race

Sunday July 7, 2013 | Finished

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  1. Boy oh boy can that Mark Webber drive a F1 car. Last by­ a mile after the wheel came off then climbs up to­ finish seventh!!! and in the points!!!! Red Bull what­ a error in letting him go and other teams why of why­ have you not jumped in with both feet to get a driver­ of such quality.

    From David, on Wed 10 Jul 23:44
  2. Mercedes claimed they were back in the tiitle hunt on­ Saturday; but they were just flattering to deceive with­ their qualifying performance, and finished nearly half­ a minute slower than the winning cars, rubbish.

    From AlteredImage, on Sun 7 Jul 19:26
  3. What hardwork driving for Mclaren,mentally as well as­ physically. Well done Jenson,and accppt­ whitmarch's resignation today!

    From mary, on Sun 7 Jul 14:59
  4. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Well done for Hamilton in keeping true to his usual­ performance, start in pole position then inviting­ Vettel to take it from him, then place himself anywhere­ in the position right behind Alonso, boring stuff,­ I'll go and watch Tennis and maybe a Brit will­ win....I hope.

    From nifty, on Sun 7 Jul 14:52
  5. It is the SAME every race !!!!!!!!!TYRES , TYRES ,­ TYRES......boorriinngg !!!!!!!!!!! LETS JUST GET TYRES­ THAT WORK.....then , we will start to enjoy the racing­ as it was meant to be !!!!!!!!!! go on green­ ...hell-for-leather ... and first over the line­ ,,, the winner...,,, bs , no­ second-guessing , just a fun sport...please get rid of­ the $%$%^&^$%it !!!!!!

    From G, on Sun 7 Jul 14:51
  6. And once again even though he started from pole a­ certain Lewis Hamilton finishes 30 seconds behind the­ winner, what will the excuses be this time I wonder!

    From V for Vendetta, on Sun 7 Jul 14:50
  7. Sky commentator says that the team that seem to have­ benefited from the new tyre the most is Red­ isn't that a surprise??? .... he also­ says that he loves Vettels reaction at the end of races­ - we see the real Vettel then - yeah he comes over as a­ the right appendage that he is!!!

    From Urrrg!, on Sun 7 Jul 14:49
  8. Fastest car will always win no matter who is driving it­ ,

    From M J R, on Sun 7 Jul 14:49
  9. vettel the king. bad luck at silverstone, this is the­ luck of others drivers...

    From Sorin, on Sun 7 Jul 14:48
  10. C'mon KIMI

    From , on Sun 7 Jul 14:47
  11. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    boring race

    From warrockr, on Sun 7 Jul 14:46
  12. The graphic at the top is wrong. Germany is + 2 hours­ of GMT, it is +1 hour of BST.

    From Ian, on Sun 7 Jul 14:42
  13. Lotus might have shot themselves on the foot with that­ move... Raikkonen would make a better job of defending­ from Alonso than Grosjean...

    From Pedro, on Sun 7 Jul 14:42
  14. === we can watch the german grand prix on­ premiershipaltervistaorg ===

    From , on Sun 7 Jul 14:02
  15. My god this SKY coverage is boring and cringe worthy -­ they really do need to get their act together...... Its­ almost better to watch BBC highlights later on in the­ day

    From Urrrg!, on Sun 7 Jul 13:56
  16. Kieran - not all drivers have to start on the tyres­ they qualified on........... only cars that make it to­ the top 10 for Q3, and then post a time in Q3 have to­ start on their qualifying tyres....

    From Urrrg!, on Sun 7 Jul 13:52
  17. This German Grand Prix is a shambles for safety, it­ really is not up to a German standard for­ excellence.......OK Red Bull being partly to blame for­ that...But a free running F1 car running across the­ track during a race.....My gosh...

    From F1_Faithfull, on Sun 7 Jul 13:52

    From , on Sun 7 Jul 13:51
  19. Whitworth don't you know that they start on the­ tyres they qualified on? So they aren't new. You­ clearly haven't been that much of a fan!

    From Kieran, on Sun 7 Jul 13:48
  20. Watch german grand prix on premiershipaltervistaorg

    From , on Sun 7 Jul 13:46
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