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German Grand Prix - Free Practice 1

Friday July 5, 2013 | Finished

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  1. Cashel, you think that one test would cure all of­ that, i dont think so!

    From PAUL, on Fri 5 Jul 14:05
  2. I find it rather strange that since Mercedes had their­ private test that they have taken their slight qualy­ advantage and made it significant and their dire race­ pace with a tendency to eat tyres and turned it­ completely around. Of course this could just be a­ coincidence, but now they seem to be on a different­ level, yet I have not heard of any significant updates­ or upgrade packages for the silver arrows. The Red Bull­ era just might be over?!?!?!

    From Cashel, on Fri 5 Jul 10:50
  3. Who is responsible for the tyre problem? I believe­ money in the wrong hand might be something to do with­ it!

    From Frank, on Fri 5 Jul 10:06
  4. Tedechi: Red Bull did up the prssure in their cars. ­ Del

    From Freewheelers, on Fri 5 Jul 9:44
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