Brazilian Grand Prix - Race

Sunday November 25, 2012 | Race Start 04:00 pm

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  1. If Vettel loses 4 points and the title, why dont Red­ Bull say there was an illegal part on Webbers car and­ withdraw him. That will give Vettel back the 2 points­ he needs. Cheating Ferrari.

    From STEWART, on Thu 29 Nov 8:31
  2. who gives a #$%$ , its only boys and there toys

    From ALFRED, on Mon 26 Nov 10:55
  3. Loved the way Jenson, totally ignored Pigge remarks­ about Lewis. Can't understand what the FIA were­ thinking; to allow Pigge on the podium after the­ disgrace he and his son brought to F!. Most of you know­ that Jnr was involved in "Fixing" a race, I­ believe it was the first race at Singapore. His father­ was even more disgusting, he was about the only F1­ driver NOT to attend Ayrton Senna's funeral,­ certainly the only Brazilian -- what a family, and what­ a disgusting thing to see on the podium..

    From walkin quiet, on Mon 26 Nov 6:20
  4. How could the stewarts let Vettel pass on a yellow flag­ without giving a penality ? Is the race director also­ under Ecclestone's control ? What money can buy­ those days.......

    From Paul, on Sun 25 Nov 21:56
  5. well done 2 button great f1 2 day brill and well down 2­ the world champion vettel

    From Rick May, on Sun 25 Nov 19:02
  6. well done seb

    From ian, on Sun 25 Nov 19:01
  7. I love f1 but is it wright under a yellow no body says­ anything about vettel if it was any other driver they­ would be i for a penalty think i will give up ­ watching red bull must have paid a good price for it­ how corrupt is it looks just like football and sept­ blatter

    From G, on Sun 25 Nov 18:15
  8. So that is that, is it? Vettel overtakes under a yellow­ flag and gets away with it!

    From CAROL H, on Sun 25 Nov 18:07
  9. Hulk be patient next time mate. You could have gotten­ past Lewis a bit later.

    From Bolanle, on Sun 25 Nov 18:07
  10. vettle shud have had a drive though penalty

    From philip, on Sun 25 Nov 18:05
  11. Brilliant final race ! Seb deserved the championship­ BUT do not discount Jenson as he won !!!!

    From lesley.m, on Sun 25 Nov 18:04
  12. Vettel overtook Kobayashi under YELLOW flags.........­ so should've been given a penalty..... so why­ didn't he get one? ???????? Were the stewards­ told to look the other way, perhaps?!!!!!

    From Pam, on Sun 25 Nov 18:02
  13. Ok, Vettel won the championship, but Button won the­ race, so it would have been nice to see some­ recognition of that BEFORE her stepped onto the podium!

    From Lorna, on Sun 25 Nov 18:02
  14. Well Done Button, Great Race for you lad. also to the­ German Vettel.who won the championship.

    From CHRISRINE LAMBERT, on Sun 25 Nov 18:01
  15. Come on Red bull team MK WORLD CHAMPS

    From clan, on Sun 25 Nov 17:59
  16. Congratz vettel you won despite all who want u out in­ this race!!! To be a champion u need to show you are­ the best not to take the points from cars which are­ crasheding in front of u!

    From Sorin, on Sun 25 Nov 17:59
  17. Still "BE THE FIST TO COMMENT"" Yahoo really are a­ bunch of #$%$! The F1 race finished 15 minutes ago­ ffs!!

    From Frankie Pcboards, on Sun 25 Nov 17:58
  18. Button great success today, Congrat! but you should­ have helped Alonso in securing the title than for you­ been selfish to win. If Shoemaker can help vettel so­ why you after you have commented that you want Alonso­ to win the title. Boy you dont offer free mouth talk if­ you can not help your fellow. All the best see you next­ year.

    From Bset, on Sun 25 Nov 17:58
  19. ij

    From Kanda, on Sun 25 Nov 17:58
  20. no surprise there then, another bloody fix

    From Keith, on Sun 25 Nov 17:58
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