Brazilian Grand Prix - Free Practice 1

Friday November 23, 2012 | Race Start 12:00 pm

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  1. Good to see there are 12 teams at the front within a­ second of each other and there is much more pressure on­ Alonso because he still has to finish the race,Ferrari­ will be hoping for a seasons best from Massa and a lot­ of help from McLaren in order to win the­ Championship.Hope Grosjean qualifies way down the back­ as it would be a disaster if his usual incidents ended­ up knocking either Alonso or Vettel out and ruining an­ excellent finale

    From bestmate, on Fri Nov 23 5:53
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    Go vettel beat the cheating italians and their diego­ pet!

    From Mark, on Fri Nov 23 5:36
  3. Such a shame Mclaren have blown 4 or 5 additional wins­ for Hamilton because of their horrible pit crew and­ reliability problems. Then they have the gall to­ actually offer Lewis a pay cut with their initial­ contract. I'm glad Lewis is leaving for more money­ at Mercedes for 3 years.

    From Allen, on Fri Nov 23 5:25
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    I would have thought that it is unlikely that Hamilton­ is complaining that his tyres are overheating. This­ is a practice session and it is more likely that he is­ reporting or commenting that his tyres are overheating.­ The word complaining gives quite a different meaning

    From KENNETH, on Fri Nov 23 5:14
  5. Webber won't take out Alonso, Webber would rather­ take out Vettel! He would HATE it if Vettel won again.

    From Colin, on Fri Nov 23 5:13
  6. when is Senna going to be in the car??

    From umm, on Fri Nov 23 5:08
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    Would like to see Seb get the championship and Lewis to­ win on his last race for Mclaren,

    From , on Fri Nov 23 5:06
  8. I see some unpleasant things happening after this race.­ Force India might not be there next year conidering the­ Owner is in debt for a few billion and his time and­ money spent in F1 will not be acceptable to­ shareholders. HRT will not find a buyer for more than a­ dollar. Caterham need to ditch the stupid Russian,­ notice he cant even keep up with their 3rd driver­ today!! Di resta needs to get his act together and­ better look at another team. Hulk timed it perfectly­ and moved very well.

    From Rob, on Fri Nov 23 5:03
  9. Who is commentating on this??? Button in his redbull??­ Alonso & alonso??? Please sack this idiot and give­ the job!!!

    From david, on Fri Nov 23 4:38
  10. Quote "it is disappointing that the wholoe world­ supports the­ help Alonso is getting" No -­ maybe the whole world would like to see a driver in an­ inferior car win, rather than the driver with the­ fastest car, as has been the case in the last 2­ seasons! If Alonso or Hamilton were in the Red Bull,­ i'm sure they would have won the championship. ­ Alonso has driven brilliantly, alway making up many­ places to get on the podium. He would be more deserving­ of the title than Vettel

    From Reg, on Fri Nov 23 4:22
  11. What will happen if Massa takes out Vettel or Webber­ takes out Alonso?

    From Ronsenglish, on Fri Nov 23 0:42
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    You can do it vettel!!!! Go for the champioship! Make­ the germany proud!

    From Coach Carter, on Thu Nov 22 21:12
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