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Sunday March 17, 2013 | Finished

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  1. Well done Kimi for winning the first race. It was good­ to see that Vettel did not win this first race. I have­ nothing against Vettel, but if no one was to challenge­ him, then F1 will become Vettel TV.

    From Ian, on Sun 17 Mar 19:59
  2. Still boring

    From Joseph, on Sun 17 Mar 18:26
  3. F1 back to ITV asap please .

    From ERIC, on Sun 17 Mar 12:36
  4. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Wales Dragons 30 England Peacocks 3

    From JOHN, on Sun 17 Mar 9:07
  5. I agree with the comments on the woman presenter. She­ is embarrassing. She is obviously there to promote the­ sexually attractive, dumb woman. Who are the people,­ obviously men, who think F1 needs this. No problem with­ the woman, I am one, but her whole demeanour speaks for­ itself.

    From DAPHNE BEASLEY, on Sun 17 Mar 7:59
  6. I knew it last year that Lotus would come real good. ­ Kimi, Destroys everyone - He drives like a man, unlike­ most of the other wee boys out there. Mclaren -­ Hopeless. Mercedes overated. renault engine the best.­ Mclaren back with a bang next year with Hopfully Mugan­ Honda V6 turbos.

    From Voltaire, on Sun 17 Mar 7:52
  7. Congratulations Kimi and Lotus. What a driver. What a­ race.

    From DAPHNE BEASLEY, on Sun 17 Mar 7:48
  8. Well done to the Ice Man. Hamilton Scored the best he­ could have scored. Even if Hammilton/Mercedes had the­ same strategy as Alonso/Vettel and Massa, I still­ think he would have come fifth, as evident in the first­ few lapse, he was not faster than the cars infront of­ him. The tyre saving drivng strategy was not cool at­ all for Mercedes. Would rather Hamilton went all out!!

    From Handz, on Sun 17 Mar 7:45
  9. The ice man Rules!! The King is back!! Awesome mate!!

    From Ryan D, on Sun 17 Mar 7:38
  10. Well Kimi done great race ! fingerless winner is­ refreshing indeed, Also to Lewis bag some points its­ going to be a long season.

    From Earl, on Sun 17 Mar 7:38
  11. Hamilton achieved a brilliant result. Vettel, of­ course, without the help of the customary safety car,­ was poor.

    From Frankie Pcboards, on Sun 17 Mar 7:37
  12. Well done Kim

    From G, on Sun 17 Mar 7:36
  13. Well done Kim

    From G, on Sun 17 Mar 7:36
  14. Maclarens are rubbish as usual.

    From Michael, on Sun 17 Mar 7:35
  15. Live match cast my ****!

    From Len F, on Sun 17 Mar 7:32
  16. Being given the blue flag does not depend on your­ position in the race, whether you are in it or not. It­ is given on the basis of safety as a stationery to warn­ a driver he is being followed by another competitor who­ appears to be positioning for the overtake (stationery)­ or is overtaking (waved)

    From RON, on Sun 17 Mar 7:21
  17. scrap BBC TV license

    From Kanayo, on Sun 17 Mar 7:09
  18. McClaren hopeless without Hamilton, Jensen Button not­ good enough, new boy Perez can't even drive

    From Kanayo, on Sun 17 Mar 7:04
  19. If Adrian Sutil can stay where he is,it would be a­ great result. I cant see the top two changing,but see­ them swapping places to and fro. Incidently,what­ engine do force India run?

    From considered the anti church, on Sun 17 Mar 7:03
  20. The BBC have sent there entire team over to Australia­ for a holiday. They're not showing the race live,­ they gave the rights away so a holiday is all it is.­ SCRAP THE LICENCE FEE

    From Anthony, on Sun 17 Mar 7:01
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