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Australian Grand Prix - Qualifying

Saturday March 16, 2013 | Finished

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  1. Come on Alonso, one of those lightning starts you did­ all of last year..You can do it :D

    From Weelz, on Sun 17 Mar 2:53
  2. Eurosport live commentary box is a real #$%$. Cant­ scroll properly....

    From Shamih Sikthy, on Sun 17 Mar 2:36
  3. red bull 1-2? vettel has the best car for the 4th­ season running. damn

    From Paul, on Sun 17 Mar 2:14
  4. Looks like LH is still a thorn in SV side

    From M J R, on Sun 17 Mar 0:50
  5. RB wiping the floor again with the others. Same old­ story. I wonder how Vettel and Webber would perform in­ any of the other less-superior cars.

    From Edd, on Sun 17 Mar 0:47
  6. @ Patrick, McLaren picked up were it left off last­ year. There was absolutely no reason Perez should not­ have returned to the pit and put back on the inters.

    From Hamilton, on Sun 17 Mar 0:46
  7. Thanks Red Ears, found a stream. Seems so strange that­ the race is gonna be on soon!

    From Tempoe, on Sun 17 Mar 0:46
  8. Well i'm bored already. See you in 2014.

    From Simon, on Sun 17 Mar 0:45
  9. That was great. Well done Massa, that's 3 in a row­ where you've out qualified your team mate!

    From Tempoe, on Sun 17 Mar 0:44
  10. Well done Red Bull and Milton Keynes

    From RAY, on Sun 17 Mar 0:41
  11. Ha Ha Vettel is killing. Repeat of 2011 here we come.

    From ice, on Sun 17 Mar 0:37
  12. well success on some fronts, at least the hammy haters­ will disappear for abit, he has shown hes the best at­ mercedes and has shown Alonso a clean pair of­ heels.Still the same story at the front ,well ,you­ didnt think otherwise ,surely?

    From PAUL, on Sun 17 Mar 0:37
  13. Why is Maclaren sacrificing Perez again treating him­ the same way as LH

    From Patrick, on Sun 17 Mar 0:20
  14. Tempoe, maybe 8pm EDT?

    From Red Ears, on Sat 16 Mar 23:35
  15. When does it start? Fox sport won't be showing it,­ great start for them... hope to get a stream

    From Tempoe, on Sat 16 Mar 23:03
  16. Urseni, generally they do, but when it becomes so bad­ you cant see through your visor, then you have to stop

    From James, on Sat 16 Mar 8:04
  17. WMILHK.....We have become more accustomed to morons­ like you talking horse manure.....and we know for­ certain THAT is going to happen a lot this year.....

    From Svfour, on Sat 16 Mar 7:48
  18. This is a joke, they should just let them qualify in­ the rain same for everybody

    From Urseni, on Sat 16 Mar 7:32
  19. Breda, because it's raining and Q2 has been delayed­ what sports news updates are you watching not to know­ that?

    From tom, on Sat 16 Mar 7:18
  20. Yipeee we're into another season :):)

    From BRYAN, on Sat 16 Mar 7:13
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