Saturday December 22, 2012 Kick off: 12:45 Day 18 DW Stadium

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  1. Arsenal = Podolski = Mertesacker !!!

    From Doctor, on Thu 27 Dec 9:41
  2. Terrible to dive like that Walcott and I though you had­ more integrity than you showed in joining the cheats­ brigade.I don't support wigan,but saw the game and­ think much less of you now and where is wenger with his­ complete condemnation of such cheating when others do­ it to his team.Shame on you walcott,wenger and arsenal­ as a club for not coming out and denouncing such­ blatant cheating.

    From Oosthat, on Sun 23 Dec 7:24
  3. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    What a disgrace, what a F.U,C,KING DIVE by Walcott ­ !!! As I said some time ago, wenger is learning from­ MAFIA CRIMINAL ferguson #$%$ utd.) on how to purchase­ game and bribe corrupt referre. DISGRACE and ROBBERY­ !!! Eple is #$%$ JOKE !!!

    From Ronaldinho, on Sun 23 Dec 5:42
  4. Though got the win, still wenger have to keep an eye­ of the spirit player...walcot ,with all respect ,­ should play in the previous position, giroud should be­ given more time to sharp his ability in making­ goal...bravo your best ...keep the­ tradition in the top position

    From Yanuar, on Sun 23 Dec 1:27
  5. ref was a disgrace he missed 2 penalts for wigan but­ not the one for arsenal,VERY BIASED but what do you­ expect top team against one from the bottom­ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    From Greg, on Sat 22 Dec 16:06
  6. Well it's a penalty, challenge from behind, yes­ looked at valencia and Johnson, johnson never touched­ him, but when he went down it's a penalty. For­ the handball, get real, the best way to get a penalty­ is only from the box, not by handball, but City got 2­ penalties for handball against villa. A strange­ one....^^

    From Rennati, on Sat 22 Dec 15:23
  7. 1st time we win 3 league matches in a row

    From , on Sat 22 Dec 14:57
  8. Good win for Arsenal

    From taps, on Sat 22 Dec 14:48
  9. keep up the good wrk & arsenal can easily reserve­ the place in the top four in the league :-)

    From paul, on Sat 22 Dec 14:46
  10. as a gunner im happy we won but im seriously worried­ about our play in general and esp the defence who tend­ to give the ball away in the middle of our own half­ under no pressure.whereas wigan got it away and played­ assured passing in the pressure situations. ­ wiltshere was a hero in the middle but their was no­ creativity and santi had a horror match.we got lucky­ and the matches we have next should be winnable.

    From Breda, on Sat 22 Dec 14:46
  11. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Arsenal proving that cheats do prosper.

    From Diogenes, on Sat 22 Dec 14:43
  12. Thats arsenel for u, we are coming up. Up gunners

    From sanusi, on Sat 22 Dec 14:42
  13. Wigan again robbed by an idiot official, what doea­ that pathetic ref give reason for a player standing off­ pitch for so long and also a soft pathetic spot kick­ given , hard luck wigan beaten again by brown envolope­ refs pathetic english premier refs at the centre stage­ of more bribes.

    From Brian, on Sat 22 Dec 14:41
  14. Stupid yahoo! I can't even finish my comment before­ they post it

    From Sere, on Sat 22 Dec 14:40
  15. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    cheats cheats cheats

    From sharky, on Sat 22 Dec 14:40
  16. inshall allah i we be very greatfull if arsenal win­ todays match.

    From adeshina, on Sat 22 Dec 14:38
  17. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Refere gave this one to Arsenal.

    From Ted, on Sat 22 Dec 14:38
  18. With 4 added mins arsenal could concede 2 goals with­ their defence

    From Arthur Saulter, on Sat 22 Dec 14:36
  19. Possession, total passes, total shots, shots on target:­ all more or less equal between wigna & arsenal. ­ That shows how much Arsenal have declined.

    From Ted, on Sat 22 Dec 14:33
  20. Damn it.

    From MH, on Sat 22 Dec 14:29
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