Saturday December 8, 2012 Kick off: 15:00 Day 16 Villa Park

Countdown: -495 Days

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  1. @Fred: You didn't watch the game. Lambert played a­ 3-5-2 with Lowton and Lichaj pushing up on the flanks.

    From Matteos Maserati, on Mon 10 Dec 16:58
  2. Lambert is good at the talk. I wonder if that's all­ he is? Lambert will be talking his way into the­ Championship at this rate. Five at the back; at home,­ against a club NOT in the top six? That smacks of­ defensive football at it's 'purest'.­ Reminiscent of another Scotsman we had in charge­ recently. Come on Gambolambo. We want some wins.­ Crawling out of trouble, one point at a time is not­ good enough. A draw isn't a 'point saved'.­ it's two points LOST!

    From Fred, on Mon 10 Dec 7:49
  3. Funny that Tony Pulis moaned about the ref, when it was­ his team doing the fouling, and mostly getting away­ with it, the number of times Gabby was blocked and held­ of the ball, was amazing, you have to credit Stoke for­ what they do, its very affected but illegal, i sore at­ least 2 of our players praticularly wrestled to the­ ground in there box, and nothing was given, it was­ easily the worst match i have seen this season at Villa­ Park, Stoke get away with an awful lot, and Pulis­ shouldn't be moaning about what the refs sore.

    From craig, on Sun 9 Dec 22:41
  4. We dominated this whole game, Stoke should consider­ themselves lucky. So difficult trying to score against­ a side that consistantly floods their box with 10­ players.

    From Matteos Maserati, on Sun 9 Dec 5:54
  5. Huth = 20 !!!

    From New, on Sat 8 Dec 19:12
  6. The Back 3/5 were exceptional today. Stoke thought­ they could bully these young guns but came unstuck. ­ Clark had Jones in his pocket and even grew in stature­ when handed the arm band. Walters was reduced to­ mouthing off at Lowton, who was superb. Baker, again,­ was fantastic, as was Herd and Lichaj. Westwood was­ stunning, and thoroughly deserved his MoM.

    From nigel, on Sat 8 Dec 19:08
  7. look at the positives you only have to see stoke once ­ a season imagine watching that every week gives me­ shivers thinking about it

    From DENIS, on Sat 8 Dec 18:40
  8. We sit back to much we need to push forward more or we­ won't get goals

    From Football dude, on Sat 8 Dec 16:48
  9. When the thugs play away a match is likely to finish­ 0-0. Only 1 Yellow Card for them? Surprising.

    From FowlerLegend, on Sat 8 Dec 16:33
  10. Ssssssttttttttooooooooooookkkkkkkkkkkkeeeeeeeeeeee

    From Football dude, on Sat 8 Dec 16:27
  11. C'mon the mighty potters!!!!!!!!!!!!

    From Football dude, on Sat 8 Dec 16:22
  12. Huth is the best

    From Mohsen, on Sat 8 Dec 15:25
  13. go on first row for stream

    From Attia, on Sat 8 Dec 14:57
  14. hi its me

    From Attia, on Sat 8 Dec 14:57
  15. Come on you rip-roaring Potters

    From , on Sat 8 Dec 11:52
  16. C'mon Stoke! £500 bk :)

    From Krzysztof, on Sat 8 Dec 11:31
  17. walk in the park 2-0 to stoke

    From PAUL, on Fri 7 Dec 19:01
  18. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    This will end in a 1-1 draw like it always does, Stoke­ don't score to many but don't conceded to many­ either, not many goals and it could be a 1-0 either­ way, and factor into everything Stoke don't travel­ to well, unless your name is West Brom of cause, Villa­ do have a chance to win but need to have Vlaar­ back,Stoke will make it a physical match but there 2­ CB's will probberly be up against the most physical­ CF they have played against so far this season, so it­ will be interesting to see how they handle it when its­ dished out.

    From craig, on Thu 6 Dec 14:54
  19. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    VILLA 2-1 Stoke are a tough team, but villa s pace­ will nick it .We need the points more than them.

    From PETER, on Tue 4 Dec 15:34
  20. I think that Mateos Maserati should look and the league­ table & pay paticular attention to the goal­ difference of the two sides!

    From GA3, on Mon 3 Dec 11:29
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