Saturday December 1, 2012 Kick off: 21:30 MLS Cup Home Depot Center

Los Angeles Galaxy v Houston Dynamo

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  1. Perhaps he will come to Arsenal will fit in well­ looking at their form.

    From ALEC, on Sat 1 Dec 23:45
  2. least the past 10 minutes were pretty­ exciting..maybe i commented too soon

    From clash city rocker, on Sat 1 Dec 23:29
  3. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    i hope the galaxy bus drives of a cliff and they burn!

    From Jason!, on Sat 1 Dec 23:26
  4. Great to see this in MLS, full stadium and crowd is­ loud too

    From Bob, on Sat 1 Dec 23:20
  5. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Beckham's last stand, He might be able to get a job­ as a linesman, but never again as a player.One of­ Victories shrinks wants to tell David he really is past­ it .

    From RASTUS, on Sat 1 Dec 23:18
  6. are so right ..I watched brilliance in the­ Barxa game today and great teamwork...I watched a bunch­ of thugs and cry babies in the REAL/Atletica game, but­ it was entertaining at least..this game is BORING!!

    From clash city rocker, on Sat 1 Dec 23:09
  7. ummm

    From Kakashi Hatake, on Sat 1 Dec 22:45
  8. Half decent player in his day, which was a right few­ years ago now. Not sure I comprehend the fixation some­ folk with his every move.

    From alan, on Sat 1 Dec 22:41
  9. Has it be reported where Beckham will go next? Just­ curious.

    From makka, on Sat 1 Dec 22:30
  10. Beckham, brilliant player, so many people jealous of­ his carrer and his wife, why dont you sad people get a­ life. We love our English god....what do you moaners­ have...nothing...

    From PETER, on Sat 1 Dec 22:29
  11. Beckham for England manager, SOON, he knows the modern­ game and how to play it. Come on the FA make him an­ offer he can't refuse

    From Robert, on Sat 1 Dec 22:28
  12. who cares

    From Darren, on Sat 1 Dec 22:22
  13. @10 He did, many times... They even threatened to­ sue the papers over the allegations, but they never­ did.............

    From , on Sat 1 Dec 22:16
  14. Err is their a point to this story and match updates. ­ He sold his career down the swanny when his stupid­ "brand" of a missus took over his career.....­ Hype is wasted over him, wasnt even anywhere near­ the best player to come form his generation at Man UTD.­ Decent player, but couldnt tackle, head a ball, run­ at defenders, dribble with the ball or get past­ players.........

    From , on Sat 1 Dec 22:12
  15. I always detested the Star Trek series, as it carried a­ Yankee political message, but the more pictures I see­ of David Beckham, the more he looks like old Spock.­ Perhaps if, god forbid, another Trek series is made,­ then the producers will only need to add a couple of­ ear extensions on Beckham in order to either resurrect­ Spock or create his son...or grandson.

    From Comanche Lightning, on Sat 1 Dec 22:09
  16. hope Beckham scores

    From vital, on Sat 1 Dec 22:04
  17. @6. English pundits have no say in all the other­ countless countries that show the EPL. Sure there are­ many other leagues that get broadcast such as la liga,­ seria a and the Bundesliga, but the EPL is up there­ amongst the best.

    From kemp, on Sat 1 Dec 21:48
  18. have a good un becks :)

    From Chris W, on Sat 1 Dec 21:46
  19. Beckham 4 life

    From JONATHAN, on Sat 1 Dec 21:44
  20. You'll find global domestic football is­ entertaining as any. Just english pundits try and force­ feed you the EPL.

    From Bob, on Sat 1 Dec 21:43
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