Sunday August 18, 2013 Day 1 Finished Bernabéu

Real Madrid 2 - 1 Real Betis

  • Benzema 26’
  • Isco 86’
  • Jorge Molina 14’

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    • Real Madrid
    • Real Betis

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Team Line-up & Ratings

  • Real Madrid

    Manager: Carlo Ancelotti

  • Real Betis

    Manager: Pepe Mel

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    • Player Y! Users Expert My Rating
      5.4 6
      4.8 4
      5.2 5
      4.9 4
      5.4 8
      Substitution Out55′ 5.1 5
      Yellow Card 5.8 7
      Goal 6 7
      Substitution Out69′ 5.3 6
      6.4 7
      Goal Substitution Out81′ 5.9 7
      Substitution In69′ 4.8 6
      Substitution In81′ 4.6 -
      Substitution In55′ 4.9 6
    • Player Y! Users Expert My Rating
      6.1 7
      6.6 5
      6.5 5
      6.4 6
      7 5
      Yellow Card 6.8 7
      Yellow Card 6.7 5
      Substitution Out70′ 6.9 6
      Substitution Out79′ 7 7
      Substitution Out62′ 8.2 8
      Goal 7 7
      Substitution In70′ 5 4
      Substitution In79′ 5.7 -
      Substitution In62′ 5.6 5

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  1. Real Madrid are running in circles , they are an­ excellent club with bad manangment . They have to­ built them selves better . they have stars that are­ selfish like Di Maria . Alonso is getting old in the­ midfield . Modric is good but not a star. Ramos an­ excellent defender but he has emotions yells a lot and­ does bad tackles . Khedira needs someday that has pace­ with him in midfield cos he doesn't have , Ozil­ should play behind the forwards coz he isn't­ selfish and he could help Ronald scoring everygame . As­ you see its a manager's job to do that .

    From jean, on Mon 19 Aug 18:50
  2. vamos madrid

    From edekel, on Mon 19 Aug 9:16
  3. Maybe Real Madrid have seen sense about Bale

    From Anthony, on Sun 18 Aug 23:13
  4. No they do not need Bale

    From Anthony, on Sun 18 Aug 23:12
  5. They were complacent today and easily could have lost­ today. I don't think they need Bale but a Capello­ mentality.

    From Fusion, on Sun 18 Aug 23:07
  6. If Real Madrid can only beat Real Betis by 2-1 they are­ in for a long,hard and ultimately unsuccessful season.I­ saw Betis in a Wolves Friendly match at Molyneux last­ month while they were on a UK tour.Betis actually won­ 3-2 but only because Wolves gave away 2 really stupid­ goals.Betas finished 7th in La Liga last season.but­ they did not look too clever to me.even though they­ played all their first team squad at some time during­ the game.

    From PETER, on Sun 18 Aug 22:49
  7. Ancelotti had a few missteps today, Pepe and Khedira.­ He should have started with Casemiro and Nacho. Yes,­ the entire squad looked strained in the first half and­ were lucky to not be down by 2 goals. Real didn't­ play well but still managed to get the win. They will­ get better. That said, they cannot rely on Cristiano­ & Benzema to get the goals-if they really want to­ win La Liga and the Champions League. A big club­ like Real should have at the very least 4 players who­ can consistently bang them in. They need Bale or­ Falcao. BTW, Varane and Xabi were sorely missed today.

    From eza, on Sun 18 Aug 22:29
  8. On that evidence Spurs would give Real Madrid a decent­ game.

    From Rita Chakarbarti, on Sun 18 Aug 22:23
  9. What did you make of the game? Real are in­ desperate need of a new manager Do Real Madrid need­ Gareth Bale? A squad of 22 Gareth Bales more like. ­ How high can Betis finish this season? One spot­ higher than Real Madrid and one spot below champions­ Barcelona 7-nil enough said. Simples ! Job Done !­ End Of !

    From Felice Tedechi, on Sun 18 Aug 22:22
  10. I think Barca will have yet another great season ahead­ of real they did not play like contenders for the­ title. well lets see how it goes.

    From ochugboju, on Sun 18 Aug 22:08
  11. Real Madrid need to play attacking football instead of­ defensive. I think Kaka will play the next game &­ he can give a best perform in this situation.

    From Angeles, on Sun 18 Aug 22:06
  12. I wonder where real Madrid will end up this season.­ Bale is needed in this Team or Barca will destroy you­ guys again.

    From Great iduu Junior, on Sun 18 Aug 22:05
  13. thanx to Isco. Madrid shld learn how to play the­ national vs club mind games. If Messi was really­ injured, he wouldn't have played today. They wanted­ to reserve him for the opening game. Madrid shld learn­ and protect their players

    From ANTHONY, on Sun 18 Aug 21:56
  14. well allowing Ramos and Arbeloa to travel to Ecuador­ has cost u. Barca did well by not allowing Messi to­ play for his country. That is why Bayern are furious­ with spanish national team.

    From ANTHONY, on Sun 18 Aug 21:34
  15. Hala madrid!

    From Chris, on Sun 18 Aug 20:59
  16. Looks like real madrid need gareth bale

    From Edward, on Sun 18 Aug 20:54
  17. As I said, if Mourinho couldn't do it, nobody­ can...

    From John, on Sun 18 Aug 20:47
  18. cinwe.. Casillas on bench due to international friendly­ vs Equador.. or else..

    From Sheva Chenko, on Sun 18 Aug 20:45
  19. all we need is scoring 6 or 7 goals every match an this­ madshit will lose it on his own, just keep pressure on­ and this losers and their spaghetti eating coach of­ theirs will be out of the league before they know it,­ just like we did it to mouri nooooo last season

    From Amir, on Sun 18 Aug 20:43
  20. Congratulations to Barcelona on winning La Liga this­ year. I thought it would take more than one game but as­ we can see, Real are garbage under Ancelotti. Gareth­ Bale mate, look elsewhere for a transfer if you want to­ win something this year.

    From Patrick, on Sun 18 Aug 20:38
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