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  1. Secret meaning of Ronaldo's new hairdo

    Secret meaning of Ronaldo's new hairdo

    Social networks have been buzzing for days over the meaning of the strange symbols carved into Cristiano Ronaldo's hair for the Clasico on Sunday. More

  • Live Commentary

    • - Barcelona remain eight points clear of Real Madrid in La Liga - are they certain to win La Liga? Have your say, and join me, Mark Patterson, on Twitter. @Mark_Eurosport
    • 90+3' FULL TIME: 2-2 it ends. Messi and Ronaldo share the goals. It was an excellent game which neither man, and neither team, deserved to lose.
    • 90+3' PEDRO! Played in by Iniesta, found some extra pace to make some room, but his shot from 20 yards started wide and ended wider.
    • 90+2' Pedro's shot deflected from being goalbound - but it was Sanchez who ended up turning it away. Goal kick for Real Madrid.
    • 90+2' Kaka has to give away a throw watching Iniesta on the left. Barcelona pushing in these final moments.
    • 90+1' Xavi hits the ball into the wall and out for a corner. Three minutes of stoppages to play.
    • 90' Arbeloa with a desperate tackle on Messi to prevent him going one-on-one with Pepe - yellow card, and dangerous free kick.
    • 89' MONTOYA HITS THE BAR! And what a goal that would have been - slick first-time passing to set him up, then a crisp, powerful yet placed shot from the outside of the area. Barca win a corner.
    • 88' Essien replaces Di Maria in a Real switch.
    • 87' Xabi Alonso with another foul, this time on Sanchez on halfway. He's very lucky not to get a second yellow for that - he went straight through the back of him.
    • 86' DANGER! Higuain's low cross from the right is superb, and it deflects off Mascherano and could have gone anywhere. Nervy moments...
    • 85' Good cross in from Kaka to Higuain - he's at the far post ready to knock the ball back in, but somehow manages to just knock it out of play harmlessly. A waste.
    • 84' Ronaldo's turn to be fouled, brought down by Montoya after turning him. He winces after bumping his shoulder again.
    • 83' Alexis caught offside for a third time in this match already - although this time he's somewhat unlucky as replays show he was absolutely level with the last man.
    • 82' Another corner for Barcelona - there's still time for a twist in this match.
    • 81' Arbeloa gets the ball, but also gets a bit of Iniesta's back with his knee in the follow through. Painful for Iniesta - he and Messi have been through some battles as usual in the Clasico.
    • 80' Ozil off, Kaka on - that's something of a surprise because the German has been in such good touch in this game.
    • 79' Crossfield ball from Barcelona up to Sanchez - the Chilean uses his arm to try to bring it down.
    • 78' Yellow for Pepe - he charges in on Sanchez with a high boot and knows what's in store for him when the whistle goes.
    • 77' Some of Ozil's counter-attacking passes and instincts are just incredible - lovely first-time ball to Di Maria on the right - but that's where this move fizzles out...
    • 76' Not this time - Messi lofts it over the top of the bar.
    • 75' Another big discussion over who will take the free kick - as if it won't be Messi....
    • 74' Messi fouled again, this time by Arbeloa. He's just so hard to deal with on the edge of the area.
    • 73' CHANCE FOR BARCELONA! Iniesta's run cut off but the ball breaks to Messi - he plays Iniesta back in, and the ball zips across goal and out fr a corner.
    • 72' Ronaldo still feeling his shoulder at regular intervals - if Real Madrid were up against different opposition I suspect Mourinho would already have subbed him off.
    • 71' Busquets has his pass cut out by Ozil, Busquets come back to close him down and fouls him before he can get a pass forward.
    • 70' As it stands Real Madrid would remain eight points behind Barcelona in La Liga - in that sense, a draw is a better result for the league leaders. Standings
    • 69' MESSI CLOSE! Dancing feet to make space and free Alba, the return pass comes in and Messi opts to curl the ball towards the far post rather than shoot - he might have been better going alone.
    • 68' Depsite scoring there, it does look like Ronaldo has hurt his right shoulder - he's still in some pain.
    • 67' Outrageous football from these two top players. A quarter of this match to go - which way will it swing next?
    • 66' RONALDO LEVELS! 2-2! Absolutely superb. Ozil with the weighted first-time ball, Ronaldo with the nonchalant finish. Game on!
    • 66' Ronaldo hurt going for the overhead kick from the corner - nasty bump to the shoulder. Which really, given how players throw themselves around, should be quite a common pain to suffer from overhead kicks.
    • 65' Ozil dances down the left-hand side and tries to splash a ball into the middle, only for Mascherano to marshall it out for a corner.
    • 64' Barcelona change - Alexis Sanchez on for Fabregas. Fabregas a little muted in this game.
    • 63' Barcelona have never lost at home when Messi scored. Real never lost a La Liga game in which Ronaldo scored. (Infostrada)
    • 62' Barcelona 2-1 ahead, so Mourinho makes an immediate change - Higuain on for Benzema.
    • 61' GOAL! MESSI SCORES FROM THE FREE KICK! ABSOLUTELY SENSATIONAL! Whipped in on the left foot, right in the corner. What is there to be said about it? Sublime.
    • 60' Messi waving the imaginary card - fans in England wouldn't like that much. He can make a powerful statement with the free kick.
    • 59' Messi weaves through Ozil and Alonso, only for the Spaniard to clip him. That is a free kick in a dangerous area, and Alonso needs to be careful because he's already been booked.
    • 58' Benzema and Khedira almost combine to devastating effect on the right-hand side of the Barcelona area, but despite a mishit clearance from Adriano, Barca do escape.
    • 57' Fabregas strong to hold off Ramos and feed Pedro. A cross comes in from the right which looks teasing but for once there's nobody from the home side in the box to attack it.
    • 56' Sublime touch from Iniesta, controlling, surging forward, playing in Xavi. Those little moments in the game are always a treat.
    • 55' Ronaldo puffs out the cheeks and prepares to have a shot at goal from the free kick from 25 yards. Good hit - but straight into Pepe, lurking in the wall.
    • 54' Yellow for Busquets - desperately cynical challenge on Ronaldo. Would you expect anything else? The bookings just beginning to build up...
    • 53' A goal already in the Milan derby, by the way! Follow here
    • 52' Pepe looks to have fouled Iniesta just inside the area - Pepe claims the Spaniard dived, and the referee agrees - it's only a corner for Barcelona.
    • 51' Another fantastic through ball finds Alba this time, but his cutback cannot pick out a dark shirt.
    • 50' Mascherano moves forward, threading a super ball for Fabregas down the right-hand side.
    • 49' Di Maria constantly available on the right - Jordi Alba not staying tight to him. So far it has not cost Barcelona.
    • 48' Di Maria curls the ball into the area after an Alonso set piece - Barcelona cope with that well. No obvious tactical switches yet from either side.
    • 47' Lively start form both sides - half a shout against Mascherano for a penalty after Ozil falls in the area, while Barcelona surge upfield immediately afterwards.
    • 46' Second half begins! The home side kick us off.
    • - "Mou should get DiMaria attacking the heart of the Barca defence;Benz and CR7 movement could really stretch a makeshift back" suggests Akinwale - "...Barca even without Puyol and Pique I belief have what it takes to secure all 3points.. 2-1 Barca. Victory" says Efe - we're about to find out...
    • - Looking for something to fill the 15 minutes of half-time? Why not join me, Mark Patterson, on Twitter? @Mark_Eurosport
    • 45+1' HALF TIME: NO! All done after one minute of stoppage time. One beautiful flowing move for Real's goal - a defensive mix-up for the second as Barcelona levelled. All to play for in the second half.
    • 45+1' Miscontrol from Ronaldo - that delights the Nou Camp crowd. Barcelona might have one more look at the Real defence..
    • 45' Ozil penalised for a foul on Messi around 25 yards out. Shooting chance? It's a long way out, and Barcelona opt to pass it.
    • 44' This is the 3rd consecutive Clásico and the 5th in history Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo both scored at least once. (Infostrada)
    • 43' Yellow for Xabi Alonso for a tackle on his central midfield partner at Spain level Xavi. He's made one or two of those little clumsy tackles already.
    • 42' Pepe very quick to close down Messi and stop the Argentine breaking. He was at fault for the goal but otherwise has kept a close eye on Barcelona's key man.
    • 41' Ozil stopped on the edge of the area by Fabregas, who sets Barcelona on their way once more.
    • 40' Some Clasicos of recent times have degenerated into bad-tempered affairs littered with poor tackles. Let's hope these are aberrations...
    • 39' Yellow card for Pedro, who clattered Ramos in mid-air - the boot was high, but he was looking for the ball rather than the man. Yellow probably fair.
    • 38' Alba penalised for pushing Arbeloa - the contact absolutely minimal, but enough for a foul.
    • 37' It looks like Alves wasn't injured, by the way, it appears to have been a tactical call. Huge call from Vilanova, but Barcelona did equalise soon after.
    • 36' Possession currently 61-39 in favour of Barcelona - there's rarely a game that they don't dominate the possession stats, mind.
    • 35' Just a reminder that there's another tasty match about to begin tonight - it's the Milan derby. Follow here
    • 34' Those delicate little passes just starting to come together for Barcelona. Messi and Iniesta combine, Khedira unpunished for clipping Iniesta's heels, and Fabregas picks up the loose ball.
    • 33' Ronaldo, Messi and Falcao now the joint-top-scorers in La Liga. That's not a bad list. Top scorers
    • 32' Pepe at fault for the goal, he just fell away with Messi in close proximity. Not wise.
    • 31' That's come against the run of play, but Barcelona are capable of that. Real will be thinking about that moment when Benzema hit the post.
    • 30' GOAL! MESSI LEVELS IT! The defence just melted away for Real Madrid, at precisely the wrong moment. Iniesta knocks it to Pedro, who's out on the right, and cuts across for Messi - the Argentine pops it past a helpless Casillas.
    • 29' Fabregas does well to keep the ball in play - no - he's just out of space. Almost skimmed around Khedira there.
    • 28' Barcelona with a corner - and then another. Xavi stands over them, but the delivery not right either time. Cleared by the first man.
    • 27' Early change here for Barcelona - looks like an injury for Alves - Montoya comes on. His job will be to keep an eye on Ronaldo, which is no easy job when he's in this form.
    • 26' Barcelona reeling a bit here. They need to settle down because Real Madrid are cutting them apart.
    • 25' BENZEMA HITS THE POST! DI MARIA SHOULD SCORE! It was Khedira who made it, laying it off to the Frenchman with the goal at his mercy, but his shot hits the upright. Di Maria gets to the rebound, and had just as good a chance to tuck away.
    • 24' That makes it seven goals in the last 200 minutes from Cristiano Ronaldo for Real Madrid - what a start at the Nou Camp. Barcelona have been down before this season, however, and dug their way out of trouble.
    • 23' GOAL! RONALDO PUTS REAL MADRID IN FRONT! A slick move which built from the right, worked across the left, and suddenly opened up with Khedira passing to Benzema, releasing Ronaldo. The Portuguese finishes crisply at the near post!
    • 22' Mazy run from Messi, laying the ball off to Fabregas. The return doesn't come. The contest just beginning to open up.
    • 21' Iniesta with a half-chance for Barcelona, flashing over the crossbar from just outside the area.
    • 20' Tokas United on Twitter predicts a 'great night' for Madrid - so far they've had the better of the early play.
    • 19' RAMOS CLOSE! Best chance of the match! First to the corner, and virtually a free header - he should find the target, but instead nods down just wide of the post. Opportunity wasted.
    • 18' Noise goes up at the Nou Camp - at 17:14 there were plans for Catalonians to chant for their independence...
    • 17' Khedira on the end of a long ball, and wins a corner trying to cross past Adriano.
    • 16' Throw for Barcelona as Benzema tries to intercept a pass - Alves races forward to take it.
    • 15' Messi almost threads the perfect pass to Pedro - then almost wriggles past Khedira when the ball rebounds his way.
    • 14' Barcelona and Real Madrid have met 15 times since 2010. This may be the third Clasico of the season, but there could be as many as eight.
    • 13' Matches have already taken place elsewhere in La Liga this weekend. Fixtures/results
    • 12' BENZEMA CLOSE! That was a real chance, having been picked out at the far post and completely unmarked, and he scuffs the shot first-time.
    • 11' The game beginning to settle into a pattern. We've not yet seen any great drama for either side.
    • 10' Pedro tries a burst down the right, Iniesta tries to cut in from the left - both times Madrid's defence holds firm.
    • 9' Lots of movement from the Barcelona front three - none of Messi, Iniesta or Pedro staying rigidly as the centre-forward.
    • 8' Adriano has to hoof clear under pressure from Ronaldo. Good to see the old school approach every once in a while...
    • 7' Marcelo tries a tasty, spooned chip through - and Ozil beat the offside trap. Just a touch too long, and Valdes can gather.
    • 6' Benzema cuts acrross to the right of the Barcelona area. Running out of space he plays it to Di Maria, who fires a shot over the bar. Might have been better giving the ball to Marcelo, who was free.
    • 5' Some more predictions - "think it will mostly depend on the referee, as always," says Arthur Eld - "gonna go 2-1 Madird Pepe to get sent off though!" says Diogo, while Zaifrul predicts a Real victory - "maybe 3-2 or 2-1." Join me on Twitter
    • 4' Alves punished for fouling Ronaldo on halfway - a little unlucky there - he came from around the side, but seemed to get the ball cleanly.
    • 3' Fabregas steals the ball in a dangerous position - plays in Xavi, who controls and tees up Messi, but the Argentine crowded out.
    • 2' Looks like Adriano has gone in to centre-half as cover for Puyol, who dislocated his arm in midweek. That's a tough job for him - especially with his full-backs Alves and Alba bombing forward.
    • 1' Kick off! Real Madrid begin. Both sides in their first-choice kits.
    • 18:50 Omen? Cristiano Ronaldo scored his first two career goals exactly 10 years ago. (He now has 315).
    • 18:49 Some interesting thoughts on Barcelona and Catalan independence from our Liga blogger Andy Mitten. Worth a read at half-time!
    • 18:48 The Catalan flag is raised at the Nou Camp - fans holding their placards up - the atmosphere magnificent.
    • 18:47 "just coz Real Madrid beat Ajax ...doesn't mean they will beat Barca" - that's the opinion of Pancho Villa on Twitter - but on the other hand Ameewah says "I think Real madrid have a good chance.Just hope it wont be a dirty game...." Have your say
    • 18:45 How do you see this match turning out? Will it be a big win for Barcelona, or the day that Real Madrid return to the title race? Tell me your thoughts on Twitter @Mark_Eurosport - Follow here!
    • 18:40 There's not much to separate these two sides, who have already played each other twice this season in the Super Copa. Barcelona won the first 3-2 at the Nou Camp, Real won the return 2-1 at the Bernabeu to win 4-4 on away goals. Report
    • 18:35 Real Madrid have hit form, however - they have won their last games in La Liga 5-1 and 2-0, and downed Ajax 4-1 in the Champions League. Cristiano Ronaldo has hit two hat-tricks in his last two games.
    • 18:30 If you're catching your first Liga game of the season, Barcelona started the season unbeaten under new manager Tito Vilanova - six wins from six have put the team on top of the table, while Real Madrid's scratchy start left them eight points adrift. That could be 11 after tonight, and that would be a huge gap to bridge - even at this stage of the season. Standings
    • 18:25 BARCELONA: Valdes, Alves, Mascherano, Adriano, Alba, Xavi, Busquets, Fabregas, Pedro, Messi, Iniesta - subs - Pinto, Villa, Sanchez, Barta, Montoya, Song, Sergi Roberto /// REAL MADRID: Casillas, Arbeloa, Pepe, Ramos, Marcelo, Khedira, Xabi Alonso, Di Maria, Ozil, Ronaldo, Benzema - subs - Adan, Albiol, Coentrao, Essien, Modric, Kaka, Higuain
    • 18:20 Hello and welcome to live text commentary as Barcelona welcome Real Madrid to the Nou Camp in the first Clasico in La Liga this season! Kick off is just 30 minutes away.

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  1. Real Madrid the best team ,all players is fantastic and­ I like every one , the Barcelona team is magician­ people and I realy dont like the style of barca ,what­ ever this my idea , I hope tha Madrid take the all­ champion ship Maassod from KABUL Afghanistan

    From Hamed Massoudi, on Fri 7 Dec 5:16
  2. CR7 is the best but only time will tell, then the­ same same people that said it is messi will still­ come to say it is ronaldo ,we are watching the game­ very closely , so many a times I watch messi until the­ match ended he couldnt do anything in the field of­ play but never a time I watch ronaldo that he is out­ of the game ,he always delivers from the wing ,if he­ should play cetre forward thus striking the ball like­ messi he is capable of scoring 1000 goals in a­ season cos any body gets the ball they will find him­ there then the defenders and the keeper will be in­ trouble . cristiano Ronaldo is the graetest player­ presently

    From ladu, on Wed 17 Oct 11:40
  3. believe it or leave it, barcelona fc remain the master­ in the world of soccer, neither real madrid nor the­ rest of the world can take that away from them. for­ messi he is th master in the world of masters

    From lovelin, on Mon 15 Oct 21:14
  4. Spectacular show as expected. Real Madrid fans should­ be congratulated more because getting one point at the ­ Nou Camp is very valuable and can be determinant in­ ending days. I need to add that the recent-years El­ Clasicos have over and over proved that built teams­ have particular advantage over purchased ones, since­ they enjoy more stability, better coordinated teamwork,­ less rumor and fuss, less ups and downs and higher­ spirit and unity,

    From Amir, on Mon 8 Oct 21:12
  5. Biggest Spanish game & where is that rat faced­ tottenham reject warming up wood on the bench £30mill­ cheers all day long

    From Kain, on Mon 8 Oct 20:05
  6. great game and unlucky to both teams for a terific­ performance.

    From JACQUELINE, on Mon 8 Oct 18:38
  7. Barca sarvare Madshit

    From Amir, on Mon 8 Oct 15:01
  8. Shiraz Loves Ozi & khedira

    From Zarrin Taaj, on Mon 8 Oct 11:51
  9. We Love Mohammad

    From Saltanat, on Mon 8 Oct 11:41
  10. Madrid's Power = Ozil & Khedira .

    From New, on Mon 8 Oct 11:34
  11. go ahead massiii owaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa the­ great game citkar(dot)com

    From Citkar, on Mon 8 Oct 10:51
  12. The game was SUPER...! Both team really give their­ best of the best...Despite much injuries sustained my­ CR he still stand fit and never give up.....that is the­ man.....Kudos also to Messi skill short kick....

    From rasheed, on Mon 8 Oct 8:37
  13. Amir I told you that you will give excuses at the end­ of the match and you are just doing the same thing and­ don't forget that was your home dead Barcelona you­ guys have seen that winning Madrid will now be very­ hard for you guys those days are gone when u when this­ time the game has turned around Hala Madrid I love you­ Madrid, Madrid Fan Forever

    From Nnani Paul, on Mon 8 Oct 6:13
  14. This guaranties Barca will be the winner of La Liga­ even still far away to go...

    From eduardo, on Mon 8 Oct 5:26
  15. cr7 rocks

    From Sidheeque, on Mon 8 Oct 2:59
  16. hey u know what the big boys scored twice this was a­ really great game

    From Yurgen, on Mon 8 Oct 1:54
  17. wessstttt is the best real madrid....

    From hudhud, on Mon 8 Oct 1:26
  18. Messi's first goal was luck and madrids mistake.­ CR7 first goal was skill. Messi's spot kick was­ amazing!! CR7 second goal was a great team effort. And­ how can all of you guys say the refs were helping about­ RM when the game was played at camp nou??

    From Farhaan, on Mon 8 Oct 1:14
  19. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Good result for Barca not so good for madrid haha ­ VISCA BARCA!!!!

    From Christian, on Sun 7 Oct 23:36
  20. i am a madrid fan, but honestly both players played a­ fantastic game, although messi played slightly better,­ well done cr7

    From farhat t, on Sun 7 Oct 23:34
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