Wednesday August 22, 2012 Friendlies Finished

India 2 - 1 Syria

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  1. Erik your mistaken, indias football team is a pile of­ #$%$..mainly because their too corrupt to pick out and­ give chances to players with talent which explains why­ the team is one of the worst in the world despite­ having one of the highest populations.

    From Victor Meldew lol, on Wed 22 Aug 23:02
  2. well done boys i love india

    From Pinda, on Wed 22 Aug 21:30
  3. woow Syria still have some sports left in this­ conflict, suspect the polititians getting profits here­ against players free will I would never represent­ country with such a monsters in rules...

    From Peter Gwiazda, on Wed 22 Aug 18:57
  4. Didnt know India was really interested in football,­ they terrific in cricket thats a really good news, ­ anyone know where they played?

    From Erik, on Wed 22 Aug 18:43
  5. well done India........

    From Fazil, on Wed 22 Aug 18:08
  6. come on india..............

    From rameez, on Wed 22 Aug 9:00
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