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  1. well done chelsea

    From Paul, on Sun 19 May 12:21
  2. A sweet victory, noteworthy trophy, balm for PL lose,­ dramatic ending and bright prospect toward next season.­ Good job Rafael and well done Blues.

    From Amir, on Fri 17 May 19:14
  3. I Love German Football & Clubs !

    From Ali, on Fri 17 May 10:29
  4. I Hate English , Italian & spanish Football !!!­­ only German Football & clubs are Pretty !!!

    From Ali, on Fri 17 May 6:13
  5. Here is something you might find interesting! Fernando­ Torres and Juan Mata are the only players in history­ that hold the World Cup, European Championship,­ Champions League & Europa League winner. This might­ only be for 10 day's but can anyone ever see this­ being equaled ever again???

    From The Chelsea Dodger, on Thu 16 May 11:59
  6. Well done it!! Blue Army!!

    From Bsun, on Thu 16 May 10:52
  7. No drought about RAFA. Am not a chelse fan. But a­ creasy English football lover. Am really worried­ because no English team in champions league final. But­ now am very much happy Chelse once again made it. This­ what English clubs do. Stunning effort .....Many­ Congratulation Chelse & Rafa……

    From sridhar, on Thu 16 May 9:49
  8. Anthony you can go f yourself nobody cares about your­ opinion.

    From As, on Thu 16 May 9:39
  9. Well done Rafa, great team work from the players,­ manager, other staffs, fans and everyone connecting­ with CFC. Kudos for a job well done

    From Mickey, on Thu 16 May 9:36
  10. i think benitez did a great job of keeping same 11 on­ pitch in 2nd half when they were playing now if­ newcastle can do the same thing and dump arsenal it­ will bw a great year

    From david, on Thu 16 May 7:27
  11. Congrats to chelsea from a Manu fan. They were­ fantastic i thought but the fans amaze me. Still having­ a go at Rafa like this still is disgraceful. What he­ has done for you since he came is nothing short of­ wonderful and even after winning last night you still­ act like idiots. If he was your manager from the start­ of tghe season you would have finished second at least.­ I hope the new manager you get takes your team out of­ the top 4 places next season and then lets see how much­ you regret your actions this season

    From robert, on Thu 16 May 6:56
  12. well done chelsea, great game. from united fan

    From Chris, on Thu 16 May 4:37
  13. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    I Hate English , Italian & spanish Football !!!­ only German Football & clubs are Pretty !!!

    From Ali, on Thu 16 May 3:51
  14. Red Sox Fan are you on Smack? Chelsea are the only club­ in the history of the Premier League to have played 69­ Games in one season and if they draw 0-0 on Sunday and­ Arsenal win 2-1 there is going to be 70 Games played­ with one on the smallest squads in the competition...­ Missed Hazard to night and maybe JT would of been a­ different game! Definite Pen for Torres though!

    From The Chelsea Dodger, on Thu 16 May 2:28
  15. who ever said Torres has every medal now when did he­ get the premier league medal was it when he was at­ Liverpool and went out robbing with the other bin­ dippers .United fan but well done Chelsea

    From Lee, on Thu 16 May 1:26
  16. @Red Sox Fan- Stick to rounders, son...

    From The Football Genius, on Thu 16 May 1:25
  17. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Well done. I love seeing mega rich clubs win­ silverware. It brings a warm glow to ones heart. I hope­ in the summer Man City, Man Utd and Chelsea buy all the­ best players and don't give a monkeys about the­ financial fair play rules... lawyers can sort out any­ issues. Lets buy some more trophies. We are the best.­ We win. That makes me winner too. Thank God I choice a­ winner club. People that support small clubs must be­ losers. Not loyal to their local area or anything.­ Market forces we buy the best, so are the best.­ Booorrrriiinnnnggggg !!!

    From AndyPandy, on Thu 16 May 0:44
  18. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Benfica lost today (and against Porto) because the­ team is exhausted. Jorge Jesus did not rotate players­ this season. He always played the same starting 11. ­ Now Jesus is paying the price for his bad decisions. A­ terrible manager.

    From Red Sox Fan, on Thu 16 May 0:39
  19. of course all you anti chelsea brigade will find­ something to say so i will let numbers talk: CHELSEA FC­ WINNERS CUP WINNERS CUP 1997, CHAMPIONS OF EUROPE 2012,­ UEFA CUP WINNERS ( whatever you want to call it) 2013 ,­ if anyone ever tough it was an easy cup : take a good­ look at benfica players at the final whistle , all in­ tears , CHELSEA MY LOVE MY TEaam , our cup , we love­ you

    From Gremio, on Thu 16 May 0:25
  20. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    César Azpilicueta nearly kill CHELSEA today..I wonder­ who brought this guy to chelsea..CHELSEA KINDLY OFFLOAD­ THIS PLAYERS AND BUY GOOD PLAYERS FOR US.....Fernando­ Torres ,,,Ryan Bertrand ,,,,Ross Turnbull,,,Paulo­ Ferreira ,,,Yossi Benayoun ,,,Hilário,,,Florent Malouda­ ,,,,Juan Mata is not good for chelsea...

    From ýnnocent e, on Wed 15 May 23:36
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