Wednesday October 23, 2013 Group Stage: Group B Finished Bernabéu

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  1. I hate italian football

    From PourSina, on Sat 26 Oct 5:56
  2. Juve outplayed them until Penaldo took a baby dive that­ #$%$ the whole game matter how PENALDO DIVES in­ the rest of CL matches i cant see them going past­ Barcelona or Munchen!!!

    From Damjan, on Thu 24 Oct 17:35
  3. agin penalty goal...............

    From Khaled Mahmood, on Thu 24 Oct 7:38
  4. :) so happy to see casillas back to first line-up.. :)

    From Izzart Oranjez, on Thu 24 Oct 4:09
  5. go madrid

    From Santino, on Thu 24 Oct 3:26
  6. cr7 jancccoook...

    From Akmal, on Thu 24 Oct 0:21
  7. miss cristina gaynaldo the penaldo had to cheat again,­ and madshit had to pay the ref again, what a shame when­ these cheat busters call them self real, wel notttt

    From Amir, on Wed 23 Oct 22:40
  8. CR7.

    From Red Sox Fan, on Wed 23 Oct 22:09
  9. Chylyny error was not even a yellow card. Red card was­ fired peak cowardice and cowardice.Ronaldo also­ revealed a peak of cowardice and cowardice. Sorry­ coward cowardly and dirty football is the sport for­ years. The football world has been weak for years.­ Bdtryt worst teams in football clubs in the world's­ worst multi-course World Cup World Cup World Cup was­ the worst.The cause is unknown but it is all­ ...............!!! ­ مچنین­ فوتبا­ ل­ دنیا­ سالها­ ست­ ضعیف­ شده­ است .­ بدتری­ ت­ تیمها­ ی­ فوتبا­ ل­ دنیا­ بدتری­ ن­ باشگا­ هها­ بدتری­ ن­ جامها­ ی­ جهانی­ چند­ دوره­ جام­ جهانی­ بدتری­ ن­ جامها­ ی­ جهانی­ بوده­ است. ­ همه­ اینها­ علت­ دارد &#

    From arash, on Wed 23 Oct 21:36
  10. why did Orzil leave Real Madrid

    From Mishal, on Wed 23 Oct 21:34
  11. The referee was very poor amateur unknowing and stupid­ excuse. He should be banned. ­ داور­ بسیار­ ضعیف­ اماتو­ ر نا­ اگاه­ و­ ببخشی­ د­ احمق­ بود.­ او­ باید­ محروم­ شود.

    From arash, on Wed 23 Oct 21:29
  12. no red card even yellow card for hand about for ronaldo­ shame on ronaldo

    From arash, on Wed 23 Oct 21:26
  13. Shame on ronaldo and referee. Footballer Cristiano­ Ronaldo is cowardly deceitful impostor and spoof. ­ shame on platini and sepp blatter and Eufa and Fifa. ­ shame on FIFA Referees Europe and the world. Shame on­ FIFA and UEFA, Platini and Blatter and world football­ mafia. شرم­ بر­ رونال­ دو و­ داور. ­ رونال­ دو­ بازیک­ ن­ ناجوا­ نمرد­ مکار­ فریبک­ ار و­ حقه­ بازی­ است . ­ شرم­ بر­ پلاتی­ نی و­ سپ­ بلاتر­ و­ یوفا­ و­ فیفا. ­ شرم­ بر­ داوری­ فیفا­ یوفا­ و­ دنیا. ­ شرم­ بر­ پلاتی­ نی و­ سپ­ بلاتر­ و­ فیفا­ و­ یوفا­ مافیا­ ی ها&am

    From arash, on Wed 23 Oct 21:24
  14. Even with the referee in their pocket madrid cannot put­ the game away.

    From BOB, on Wed 23 Oct 21:17
  15. Oh for Gods sake. Ronaldo, stay on your feet, you­ horrible, precious, cheating, ladies front bum. What do­ these officials see? Millions and millions of ordinary­ football fans can see it was a nothing offence that­ Ronaldo made a meal of. I'd love to know what went­ through the lino's head? He's 10 yards away,­ how can he possibly see what Chiellini did as a red­ card offence? 5 minutes later Ramos piles through the­ back of Tevez and doesn't get booked, unbelievable!

    From Barry, on Wed 23 Oct 21:05
  16. that why I posted many times.....give a 5 games­ suspension who is faking a fault or injury...and if­ he is doing it a second time--10 games. More cheating­ in a game then some nice play---It is very bad for a­ game . Everybody hate a cheater.!!!!!!!!!!!!

    From Lucky-man, on Wed 23 Oct 21:04
  17. a quick comment on the penalty,correct decision, juve­ played like that against my team,celtic, for a full 90­ mins at celtic park and not one decision was given our­ way,on a couple of occassions our attackers were"­ thrown" into the net at set pieces,not a thing was­ done about it,go figure !!!!!

    From donkey, on Wed 23 Oct 20:54
  18. Good Job right Now Real .. :)

    From maher, on Wed 23 Oct 20:34
  19. Cristiano we need you back with Man U NOW !!!

    From AEMON, on Wed 23 Oct 20:29
  20. Casilas was sleeping? :(

    From Juan P, on Wed 23 Oct 20:10
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