Wednesday September 18, 2013 Group Stage: Group H Finished Camp Nou

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  • FC Barcelona

    Manager: Gerardo Martino

  • Ajax

    Manager: Frank De Boer

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      7.2 7
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      7.3 8
      8.1 9
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      5.9 5
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      6.2 7
      6.3 6
      5.9 7
      6.3 6
      6.4 6
      7.5 7

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  1. Lessi

    From just me, on Wed 18 Sep 23:17
  2. i predicted it would be 4-1 if they had scored the­ penalty i would have won 290 euros

    From lim, on Wed 18 Sep 23:08
  3. ya pipo alwayz talkin about Liomess & Cristinado­ why? They both r genius coz no Mess, Ronaldo z nothing­ they both compete. ya cant say dat Mes z da best not­ Ronaldo or Ronaldo z da best not Mess they both respect­ each other and they chart . No Mess no Ronaldo I like­ them both and I'am da cataranas, I support Barca I­ love Mess and I like Ronaldo

    From Mizy, on Wed 18 Sep 22:35
  4. can you see that haters of messi!!!!!!?????thats a hat­ trick fantastic hat trick!!who's the number 1!only­ messi second ronaldo7..hahaha

    From skie, on Wed 18 Sep 22:01
  5. Come on Lionel. Put that prancing, preening show ponys­ hat trick in it's place. Get a fourth!

    From Barry, on Wed 18 Sep 21:33
  6. I'm sorry. Is somebody still talking about the­ hattrick Ronaldo scored yesterday? LMAO

    From Adam912, on Wed 18 Sep 21:20
  7. @15chuck your not even worth talking to, so its right­ adieu

    From Amir, on Wed 18 Sep 20:58
  8. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Have you ever seen a team in the last 20 years that­ practices diving and tactics like bribes among other ­ things like Barcelona.

    From Chuck, on Wed 18 Sep 20:55
  9. Amir ! Have you ever played soccer , pro semi or just­ house league. Why I ask , you are an idiot with your­ indecisive crud. Adieu mon amie.

    From Chuck, on Wed 18 Sep 20:53
  10. in zijn dromen, hooguit 1 doelpunt terwijl barca nog 3­ erbij tekent, dan wel 1tje

    From Amir, on Wed 18 Sep 20:43
  11. @10, obviousley you know nothing about football, and­ problems Barca are facing, that makes you the idiote,­ all the analists around the world have the same­ opinion, but you are right, noooootttt, i hope your the­ only kid, cause your parents will kill themselfs if­ they would have 2 more of you

    From Amir, on Wed 18 Sep 20:42
  12. Ajax will come back and win!!

    From jan, on Wed 18 Sep 20:40
  13. king MESSSIIIII

    From nik, on Wed 18 Sep 20:36
  14. AMIR that is the stoopidest thing I've ever seen ­ Written on a comments page!!! Sell pedro and tello!! ­ Your an idiot!

    From Donnacha, on Wed 18 Sep 20:15
  15. Can you please repost what one comment said About­ selling pedro???!!!

    From Donnacha, on Wed 18 Sep 20:14
  16. 78;1

    From Saraman, on Wed 18 Sep 19:32
  17. thank you for replacing pedro with sanchez, you should­ sell pedro and tello and bring in liorente back to­ spain and have him at your strong tall forward, and­ please get santiago vergini in januari, he would be­ perfect

    From Amir, on Wed 18 Sep 19:07
  18. yes sid now you say, i didn't notice at first, its­ a good one, i like it 2.

    From Amir, on Wed 18 Sep 17:40
  19. Got to love the league table they have created!

    From Sid, on Wed 18 Sep 16:44
  20. Xavi will be on the bench .The new Barça coach may use­ Xavi sparingly throughout the season and ease Fabregas­ into the line up to eventually take his place . It is a­ win-win strategy for Barça,Xavi and Fabregas .

    From Fat Tony, on Wed 18 Sep 16:08
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