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  1. just watching it and could not believe that the south­ african comes up on the screen as TOSS SA lmfao

    From Jamie, on Wed 12 Sep 20:16
  2. Well done Warner and Watson - great batting, Pakistan­ never was going to win after these two mauled the­ seamers! Ah well, it's cricket after all.

    From BEN, on Mon 10 Sep 20:13
  3. KP should open the bowling for south africa with his­ pants on his head

    From MARKS, on Mon 10 Sep 19:29
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    #$%$..i thought this was­ football....ha-ha-ha,booooooooooooorrrrrrrrinnnnnnnnnnn­ gggggggggg !!!!!

    From horrible hobbit, on Mon 10 Sep 18:45
  5. #806 if the IPL is so great how come India are so awful­ at 20-20 cricket? You'd think they would learn how­ to play the game from the mercenaries.

    From Diogenes, on Sun 9 Sep 16:42
  6. This is cricket - one ball, one bad review, one bad­ fielding setup can change the complexion of the game! ­ You can't win them all but you can give your best­ everytime you play. England or any team don't go­ out to lose. So you so called fans have faith in your­ team and stop slagging them off everytime they lose. ­ Learn to enjoy the game and compliment others when they­ beat you. As for Bopara, someone has faith in him, let­ it be, he too does not go to get a duck. Cricket is­ the most circumstantial game invented and that's­ the beauty of it.

    From BEN, on Sat 8 Sep 18:33
  7. Bopara has had enough opportunities and confirms his­ inability with each successive one, just what do the­ selectors really see in this guy? Similarly, Morgan is­ just on another planet, hopelessly out of his class. He­ wants regular test cricket but has not got the­ mentality or strategy to be a test player. His last two­ innings displayed yet again that when that sudden­ stream of sawdust passes between his ears he is just­ totally out of place. He has an arrogant style that­ just backfires on him. little wonder he was despatched­ home last tour. He is hopeless in anything other than a­ big slog

    From RAYMOND, on Sat 8 Sep 17:39
  8. Who at the ECB is sh****g Bopara or his misses HE IS­ USELESS

    From WR, on Sat 8 Sep 17:35
  9. Another 7 wicket spanking for the no 1 side.

    From Brucie, on Sat 8 Sep 17:31
  10. May be there should train with the ladies team at list­ the ladies are winning

    From ALAN, on Sat 8 Sep 17:09
  11. Hi well I suppose we must be thankful Bopara did make 6­ this time what a joke, we must have a 12 year old that­ could do better dont you think???

    From Terrance, on Sat 8 Sep 16:31
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    Where is Kevin Pieterson when you need him? Oh yes,­ the coach is making a point! It doesn't matter if­ England get thrashed, as long as the coach makes his­ point!

    From Rob, on Sat 8 Sep 15:41
  13. Apart from Broad are there any English born players in­ the England side or are the rest South Africa and­ Australian rejects.

    From DAVID, on Sat 8 Sep 15:41
  14. Has Bopara got pictures of Miller and Flower in bed­ together? I can think of no other reason why this­ useless non player is in the England team.

    From Diogenes, on Sat 8 Sep 15:24
  15. ewtwetw

    From IGotMyAssBeatByTheVietCong, on Sat 8 Sep 15:17
  16. Matthew - lol, I am beginnig to get your sense of­ humour ;-)

    From BEN, on Fri 7 Sep 21:32
  17. What a game, a thriller indeed. Both teams deserved to­ win. I am glad Pakistan won - meaning they won the­ series. T20 finalists in the making here from what was­ on display. Magical bowling by Ajmal and superb­ batting fom both Pakistan and Australia. T20 at­ it's best.

    From BEN, on Fri 7 Sep 21:31
  18. Awesome for one day is good, I remember times when we­ were the pits on both days.

    From matthew.r, on Fri 7 Sep 18:32
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    At least Bopara was born here, unlike those South­ African TRAITORS. At the of the day they wiilllllll­ ALLLL..... DO A............. ZOLA BUDD!!!

    From . RAY of DUNDEE, on Thu 6 Sep 17:49
  20. Anybody checked on the far east bookmaker odds on this­ match?

    From BRUCE, on Thu 6 Sep 15:36
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