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United stars in cheesy Indonesian pop video

Manchester United are certainly not shy about getting their players to help promote the club's global brand.

In the recent past they have appeared in ads for such things as Turkish Airlines, a Pakistani credit card and of course who can forget Wayne Rooney's 'They say he is a legend' acting masterclass for Chilean winemaker Casillero del Diablo.

However, this could be the oddest cross promotion yet as Manchester United's stars have popped up in the music video for the latest single by Indonesian pop-rock band Nidji.

The likes of Rooney, Javier Hernandez and David de Gea all appear in the video for the song called "Liberty and Victory" which seems to have a number of scenes filmed in and around Old Trafford.

The band themselves have cited Coldplay and The Killers as major influences and while it is certainly not to World of Sport's tastes, we will leave it to you dear readers to debate the merits of this latest effort from a band that was voted 'Best New Artist' at the 2006 MTV Indonesia awards.

Maybe the United players really wanted to appear in the video because they are simply massive fans of the band.

However, call us cynical if you will, but we suspect that other, more financially motivated, factors could have been behind the decision.