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The Snow Must Go On – NFL game played in total blizzard

So this was the view from the press box during the first quarter of the Philadelphia Eagles' home NFL clash against the Detroit Lions (as tweeted by @RobMaaddi)

It might seem amazing to British people that the game would go ahead in such conditions, but in the NFL bad weather is not an excuse to call off a game.

Only when there are genuine safety concerns, such as thunderstorms, are the players taken on the field.

A wintry wonderland of games featured in NFL action throughout the day with snow impacting several contests, but the conditions were worst in Philadelphia where snow buried yard-markings, cut visibility and inspired the building of snowmen on the sidelines.

The white stuff piled up above the players' ankles in the Eagles' 34-20 victory over the Detroit Lions in a match-up of division leaders.

At one point, the referee announced, "Please clear the goal line. We can't see the goal line."

The snow reached above six inches on the field at one point during the match and NFL rules dictate that, with the exception of clearing the markings, the condition of the pitch should not be tampered with once the match begins, prevented groundsmen from even clearing the field at half-time.

Usually when a team scores a touchdown during a match they go for an 'extra point' kick but so thick was the snow that on all but one occasion the teams tried for the usually riskier 'two-point conversion' to avoid going for a kick.

On the one occasion the Lions did try an extra-point, they struggled to ground the ball and the kick was blocked. No field goals were attempted in the match and you can see below that punting wasn't easy either.

The sloppy conditions seemed to suit Philadelphia running back LeSean McCoy though, especially in the second-half when things cleared up slightly as he darted through the Lions for a franchise-best 217 yards, including touchdown runs of 57 and 40 yards.

Philadelphia (8-5) took a half-game lead over Dallas in the NFC East, while the Lions dropped to 7-6 atop the tight NFC North.