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Moment of genius – but the player himself never even saw it go in

Amazing buzzer-beating basketball shots that soar through the air the length of the court have become a staple of internet viral video culture.

So much so, in fact, that we at World of Sport were genuinely starting to think that we'd seen it all. From guys launching balls over half a stadium, or flinging round-the-back buzzer beaters, or throwing the ball in from 100ft up while attached to a bungie cord, there seemed nothing that could shock us any more.

Then, this video from a high school in Virginia came our way. It features an up-and-coming young player by the wonderfully exotic name of Marvey'o Otey.

Marvey'o was having the game of his life for William Byrd High School, and ended up scoring 30 points - but it was the amazing shot in the final quarter of the game that earned him the most plaudits.

A team-mate threw a long, desperate pass down the line for Marvey'o to chase - but it looked as if the move was about to fail.

"As soon as he got the rebound - because we’re a fast-break team - he just chucked it. He threw it too far. I was just like, Oh, man," Otey told the New York Daily News.

"I tried to track it down and keep it in bounds so we could get a quick bucket or something and then it just wound up happening."

The 'it' that just wound up happening was the most amazing basket you'll ever see: Marvey'o managed to get hold of the ball despite running at top speed, and flung it around his back in desperation just before his momentum took him flying off the court, and right out of the door.

Ending up outside the arena meant that Marvey'o missed what everybody else saw: the ball flew through the air from an outrageous angle and straight into the basket for a genuinely miraculous three-pointer.