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Quotes of the week: ‘We’re in terrible trouble’

Oscar Pistorius stands in the dock

It's been a dramatic and unpredictable week with Oscar Pistorius in court for his bail hearing before being released on Friday ahead of his trial for the murder of girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp.

Our quotes of the week special takes a look at some of the many words which have been spoken about the Paralympic star's plight.

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"We're in terrible trouble!" - A junior prosecution official says as he leaves the courtroom (reported by Andrew Harding)

"I feel like the court proceedings went well today. We trust that everyone has more clarity about this tragic incident." - Carl Pistorius, Oscar's brother, after day two of the bail hearing

"I shoot and I think my career is over and I cry. I come to court and I cry because I feel sorry for myself." - Prosecutor Gerrie Nel tries to put his own spin on the copious tears of the athlete throughout the proceedings

"I absolutely adore Oscar. I respect and admire him so much. I don't want anything to come in the way of his career." - Reeva Steenkamp's words to Heat magazine about her boyfriend a week before her death

"How does the prosecution lie with a straight face. Passport was tendered to IO! I went to collect in Johannesburg upon the IO's request." - Carl Pistorius Tweets after a statement from the prosecution

"I screamed words to the effect of for him/her to get out of my house and for Reeva to phone the police. I thought Reeva was in the bed. I felt extremely vulnerable but I knew I had to protect Reeva and myself. I realised that Reeva was not in the bed. That's when it dawned on me it must have been Reeva in the toilet." - Oscar Pistorius says in his affidavit in court

"You let your opponent come out and swing wildly at you as you cower on the ropes, giving very little back. Then, in round six or whatever, you floor him as he’s given all he’s got. Ask George Foreman about the Rumble in the Jungle in Kinshasa ... So now in South Africa we have seen the prosecution case shouted from the streets and the rooftops by the media ... Mr Pistorius and his defence counsel have kept their counsel." - Reporter Alex Thomson compares the Pistorius defence team tactics to the infamous "rope-a-dope" boxing strategy

"We have a statement from a neighbour saying she heard two people talking loudly at each other, it might have been a fight, from 2am to 3am. We also have a statement from a person who said that the lights at the house were on. He heard the gunshots and went to the balcony. He said he heard a female screaming, and then another couple of shots." -Lead investigator Botha in his closing statements

"He fired four shots, not one. He meant to kill. On his own version (of events), he's bound to be convicted." - Prosecutor Gerrie Nel told the bail hearing

"If I arm myself, walk a distance and murder a person, that is premeditated. The door is closed. There is no doubt. I walk seven metres and I kill. The motive is 'I want to kill'. That's it. This deceased was in a 1.4 by 1.14 metre little room. She could go nowhere. It must have been horrific." - Nel, the lead prosecutor, told the hearing

Former lead investigator Hilton Botha

"I didn't read the whole name." - Botha admits not knowing exactly what the substance was that he originally described as a "steroid", then "testosterone"

"It's not a steroid and it's not a banned substance," - Defence lawyer Barry Roux clarifies after Botha's allegations

"Defence lawyer Roux - gentle delivery, like a family doctor, but with surgeon's instinct for the jugular." - Reporter Andrew Harding Tweets about Pistorius's lawyer

"We know that he has offshore accounts and a property in Italy. We know this because we went through his safes." - Botha explains why he believes Pistorius was a "flight risk"

"Nike has suspended its contract with Oscar Pistorius. We believe Oscar Pistorius should be afforded due process and we will continue to monitor the situation closely." - Major sponsors Nike, who once described Pistorius as "the bullet in the chamber" announce that they have suspended his contract

"The (Pistorius) prosecutors were not aware of those charges (against Botha). We are calling up the information so we can get the details of the case. From there we can take action and see if we remove him from the investigation or if he stays." - Medupe Simasiku, the spokesman for the prosecutors says on whether the charges against Botha would affect their case

"He tells me he was at police college with him and he's a really good officer that they cannot do without. He says the charges have been trumped up." - Reporter Aislinn Laing recounts her chat with one of Botha's former colleagues in the police force

"I can't understand why the case has been reopened. I can only think that it's related to my work on Oscar Pistorius. My blood was never tested after the shooting, I was not drunk." - Botha tells eNews South Africa as it emerges that he himself is the subject of seven oustanding charges of attempted murder

"She was an angel. She was so soft, so innocent. Such a lovely person. It's just sad that this could happen to somebody so good. I'm disgusted with what he did. He must be dealt with harshly. Without a doubt he's a danger to the public. He'll be a danger to witnesses. He must stay in jail." - Ex-jockey Gavin Venter, who worked for Steenkamp's father

"There's a space missing inside all the people that she knew that can't be filled again. We are going to keep all the positive things that we remember and know about my sister. We will miss her." - Adam Steenkamp, Reeva's brother, told reporters at her cremation

"Unfortunately it has swung right around, but I think that the Lord knows that her statement is more powerful now." - Reeva's uncle, Mike Steenkamp, said at the cremation

"Many questions are being asked, but we have no answers." - Sports minister Fikile Mbalula said in a statement.

"What was astounding, of course, was his perception of distances." Magistrate Desmond Nair, in his two-hour summing-up before granting bail, rounds on Botha's evidence, particularly his claim that a witness was 600m away, before changing his estimate to 300m.

"He blundered." Nair on Botha's claim that he found testosterone in Pistorius's bedroom, which was swiftly retracted with an admission it was too dark to read the label.

"The accused has shown tendencies of aggression, used foul language threatening to conduct himself in a violent manner... I have difficulty in appreciating why the accused would not seek to ascertain who exactly was in the toilet. I also have difficulty in appreciating why the deceased would not have screamed back from the toilet." -Nair makes it clear that while Pistorius has won his freedom for now he will face a much tougher battle trying to prove his story beyond reasonable doubt