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Peru in uproar over striker scoring while opponent lay injured

Peruvian football is in uproar over a player who took advantage of a terrifying injury to an opponent to score a goal.

Piero Alva of top flight side Union Comercio was completely unashamed as charged up to pounce on the loose ball when Cesar Vallejo's goalkeeper Juan Flores collapsed to the turf in his own goal area.

One of Vallejo's defenders spotted the astonishing run and tried to make a clearance, but Alva coolly intercepted to deflect the ball into the net to make it 3-1 to his team with 20 minutes left.

Even Alva's team-mates were shocked at his callousness, since Flores's collapse bore the hallmarks of a player suffering heart failure.

But the player himself was totally unrepentant: "Football is for the living" he said afterwards when asked. "As far as I'm concerned this is simply a blooper by them and should be considered as such. It's clear that the mistake was made by them.

"If he was injured or had fallen ill, why didn't he leave the field? Any goalkeeper knows that if they are hurt they have to get the ball off the pitch," he told newspaper Depor.

Comercio ended up winning the match 3-1 and Flores, who had been overcome by heat exhaustion, was ultimately able to continue playing.

Alva has been vilified in Peru for his shocking lack of sportsmanship, however - though it turns out that there was more to the incident than initially meets the eye. The two players were team-mates at Universitario a few years ago, but apparently loathed each other throughout their spell sharing a dressing room.