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‘The Pele of futsal’ scores wonder goal

Brazilian futsal star Falcao has been breaking boundaries again with one of the most extraordinary set-pieces you will ever see.

The man known as the ‘Pele of futsal’ scored for his club side Atletico with a spinning, backheeled lob.

That’s right – Falcao has the ball rolled to him by a team-mate, scoops it up with his feet and then spins in mid-air before looping the ball over a confused wall of defenders and a goalkeeper and dropping it safely into the net.

If that sounds too good to be believed, don’t worry – there are plenty of slow motion replays in our video clip for you to make sense of it.

Falcao, now 35, has represented Brazil in a host of major tournaments and been part of the 2008 and 2012 World Cup-winning futsal team.

And even though he boasts 339 goals from 201 international futsal matches (match that, Messi), it looks like he still has plenty more to offer.