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NBA star paid millions not to play shows off toilet roll: a pile of cash

Gilbert Arenas's toilet roll (Instagram)

Basketball star Gilbert Arenas was one of the biggest stars in the NBA when he signed a six-year, £70 million contract with the Washington Wizards back in 2008.

Since then, he's barely played. Injuries, a suspension for keeping unlicensed guns in his locker and outright bad form have meant that he's become basketball's answer to Winston Bogarde.

But whereas Bogarde collected just £2 million a year not playing for Chelsea, Arenas has collected over £10 million a year for barely touching a ball (at one point in 2011, the Orlando Magic 'waived' him, meaning that they carried on paying his salary but didn't have him on the roster so as not to have him count against the salary cap).

He's not played a single minute in the NBA in over two years, but remains one of the biggest-earners in the sport; the Orlando Magic apparently owe him £15m for 2013 alone.

Indeed, he commands the second-highest salary in the NBA according to Forbes, behind only Kobe Bryant.

Gilbert Arenas, playing for the Washington Wizards

Arenas was last seen playing a bit part in the Chinese basketball league - but to make sure that his fans don't forget him, he's shared a picture with the world showing what he uses as toilet paper.

It's a pile of $100 bills. Classy guy, eh? Why spend a penny when you can spend a few hundred quid, just because you can?

Arenas is not the only sportsman to disgust the general public with his vulgar use of cash, however.

Sunderland defender Phil Bardsley was dropped from the final match of last season after being photographed in a casino lying down – apparently passed out – while covered in £50 notes.

Photo from Photobucket. User: peterftm

Equally, West Brom star Liam Ridgewell was forced to apologise after being photographed wiping his bum with £20 notes.

The defender was pictured using the cash to, ahem, help him in his ablutions in a bathroom whose floor was covered in bundles of £20 notes.

The photograph was leaked to The Sun by a fan who had somehow got hold of the picture. So Arenas is not the first sportsman to be caught up in such a furore but hopefully he will be the last.

Is it not our place to judge highly-paid sports stars for how they choose to use their money, or do the public have a right to be outraged at such obvious flaunting of cash? Post your views below...