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Movie stars join with ‘Trick Shot Toddler Titus’ in amazing new video

'Trick Shot Titus' quickly became a viral video superstar earlier this year after his dad published a collection of his outrageous basketball shots.

With over 12 million views, Titus became an overnight sensation and appeared on Jimmy Kimmel's chat show among other TV appearances off the back of his sporting showboating.

Now Titus has returned with more unbelievable trick shots, some even more incredible than from the initial video compilation.

But this time there is an added twist of stardust as Hollywood heroes Bradley Cooper and Channing Tatum join in the fun.

As ever, Titus is utterly unfazed by everything as he focuses only on sinking one astonishing basket after another - sometimes from long distance.

It has been quite a year for young Titus, and it looks set to get even better after his latest amazing video - this time with movie stars to add into the mix.