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Meet the craziest football team in Japan

Thanks to the rise of viral videos we are truly living through a golden age of elaborate goal celebrations.

First we had Icelandic side Stjarnan and their crazy antics such as the 'human toilet' and then there was the Brazilian in Finland who became a web hit with his wacky 'pop star' celebrations.

Now the trend has spread to the Far East where Japanese side Sanfrecce Hiroshima have been delighting their fans with innovative celebrations.

They started out with the 'fishing' celebration that helped make Stjarnan so famous but have added some new concoctions such as 'bowling' and 'cycling' which have provided much amusement.

Looking at such complex celebrations, you must wonder whether these sides prepare anything else in training, but it certainly hasn't stopped Sanfrecce doing the business on the pitch as just last month they secured their first ever J-League title.

Their 'best of' video of goal celebrations is labelled 'volume one' and they promise the story is 'to be continued.'

We look forward to seeing what they come up with next.