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Guy does keepy-uppys off a lamp post

You may not have heard of Iya Traore but this video shows that he must be one of the most talented people with a football in the world.

The Guinean-born Parisian was once on the books of PSG but it is as a freestyle footballer that he has really made his name.

Wowing tourists in the Montmartre area has been his specialty for the last few years, and in this video he shows off some amazing skills and tricks before climbing up a lamp post to continue his routine - with the ball never once dropping to the ground during nearly six minutes of sensational tekkers.

Traore has been invited onto to TV shows and has even appeared on television ads as doubles for world football stars who can't do these type of tricks themselves.

However, technique isn't everything, and Troare still dreams of making it as a professional footballer.

The 11-a-side game maybe a different kettle of fish, but with Traore still only 26, surely he's worth a trial somewhere?