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Frame of snooker descends into game of Jenga

Mark Selby unsurprisingly swept aside Chen Zhe in the fourth round of 10 at the relatively-unknown Gdynia Open snooker tournament in Poland.

The 4-0 whitewash at the final European Tour event of the season, however, was more memorable for a remarkable situation in the opening frame than it was for the world number two’s consummate performance.

During a stalemate of tentative safety play at the start of the match, the two players ended up knocking the black ball over a nearby corner pocket.

Such potentially-delicate situations can and often are handled quite easily in the world of professional snooker – but what if every red left on the table found its way over by the same corner?

As the video above shows, that’s exactly what Selby and Chen ended up doing in a bid to avoid giving their opponent a crucial opening.

The result was almost a snooker version of Jenga.

Each man had to pretty much just play the cue ball off the cluster of reds as gently as possible until one poor sod ended up putting the black in and suffering a seven point penalty.

Selby lost the ‘Jenga of the baize’ battle, but with the table still very difficult to build on, he would go on to edge that frame and then take the next three to ease into round five.

If every frame of snooker was as peculiar as this, perhaps the sport wouldn’t be so desperately in need of Ronnie O’Sullivan’s presence…