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‘Drunk’ ice hockey goalie still gets the job done

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There are few details in circulation about this video other than we know it is from an amateur ice hockey match in the Czech Republic.

Therefore we can only speculate on the condition of the goalkeeper but from the footage above we suspect he might have had a shandy or two as opposed to an isotonic drink before hitting the ice.

Our man between the sticks is seen wobbling all over the place and indeed, if he didn't have the goal right there to lean on, then he might have landed on his bottom on more than the two occasions he did so in this short clip.

However, when called into duty, he somehow managed to focus the mind and made a superb save.

It works for this guy, but the last thing we would want to do here at World of Sport is encourage you to compete in sport while under the influence.

Let's us remind you of this classic footage from 2008 when high-jump star Ivan Ukhov tried to compete while drunk.

Ukhov showed the benefits of sobriety though, because after cleaning up his act, he went on to win gold at London 2012.

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