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Dortmund fans turn Bayern’s stadium yellow

German football fans perpetrated a plucky midnight raid on the stadium of arch-rivals Bayern Munich.

A group of Borussia Dortmund fans broke into the iconic stadium - acknowledged as one of the finest sporting venues in the world - and plastered their own club's logo on the walls of a VIP suite.

Then, they pulled off a masterstroke of both guts, ingenuity and technical knowhow as they switched the stadium's famous external lighting from red - as it is for Bayern matches - to Dortmund's famous yellow.

The stadium is famous for its colour-changing lights, being lit in red when Bayern are playing, blue when in use by fellow ground-sharers 1860 Munich, and white when the national team take to the turf. It's even been lit up in multi-coloured livery for the Champions League final in the past.

Never before, however, has the state-of-the-art lighting system been used to turn it yellow - and we've got a feeling that with increased security now certain, it never will be again.

The Allianz Arena in colours for Bayern Munich, 1860 Munich, Germany and the Champions League final