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Cyprus star scores crazy flying backheel goal

Portuguese star Ricardo Fernandes probably turned up to his match on Monday hoping to score a goal. After all, the playmaker for Cypriot top flight side Doxa was leading the attack against relegation-threatend Alki.

But he probably didn't count on scoring one of the most memorable goals of the decade so far. The 34-year-old looked to have over-run a cross provided by Spanish team-mate Troiteiro - but rather than stand around complaining, he instead went for glory by diving to the ground and flicking his calf at the ball.

Just to make contact would have been impressive. To have forced a save would have been even more so. But to lob the ball perfectly into the far top corner? Genuinely unbelievable stuff.

That wasn't the only drama in the match: Fernandes's goal on the stroke of half-time had levelled the scores at 1-1, but Alki had gone ahead with five minutes left before Fernandes's fellow Portuguese star Pereira popped up deep into injury time to secure a 2-2 draw.