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Crazy Arctic conditions at massive NFL play-off clash

The Green Bay Packers' NFL wildcard play-off against the San Francisco 49ers was always going to be chilly - after all, Wisconsin in early January is never balmy at the best of times.

But the temperatures that players and fans had to brave turned out to be insanely cold: the match was played in minus 15 degrees celsius, with wind chill making it feel like -26.

Amazingly, that's not the record low for an NFL game: that was set at a match in 1982 that saw temperatures of -23... and a wind chill factor of -50!

Still, it was plenty cold enough: these conditions have been described as "once in a generation cold" due to the Polar Vortex sucking cold air down over the whole of North America.

And fans and players made the best of it in inimitable American style as they did their best to survive the chill:

Local fans knew to come prepared...It might be too cold for sport, but it's never too cold for a barbecue - the only way to that that frozen beer …

The scientific proof: IT'S JOLLY COLD!

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