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Boxer disqualified for punching referee

Any boxing referee knows that accidentally getting in the way of a punch from time to time is an occupational hazard.

It's not often, however, that the man in the middle is intentionally targeted by one of the fighters. Yet that's exactly what happened to the official taking charge of an amateur bout in Slovenia.

Croatia's Kristen Radan was embroiled in his fight against Slovenia's Blaz Sedej when the ref intervened to pull the pair apart during a clinch.

But rather than step back and resume the fight Radan decided to lash out, planting a fearsome-looking uppercut on the official.

Huge credit to the ref: despite taking a powerful shot directly to his unprotected face, he managed to stay on his feet and fully conscious, even if a little unbalanced.

And as soon as he'd regained his senses, he got the best revenge possible by instantly disqualifying Radan and announcing Sedej as the winner.