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BBC ‘broke own rules’ to give SPOTY award

The BBC have been forced to release a statement explaining why they broke their own rules for one of the night's biggest awards.

Team GB's Olympic and Paralympic teams were named 'Team of the Year' despite the BBC's own rules seeming to rule them out.

The judging panel was asked to vote "for the team in an individual sport or sporting discipline that has achieved the most notable performance in the calendar year".

However, they were also given the note: "For the avoidance of doubt, this criteria excludes Team GB/Paralympics GB but includes the likes of British Cycling, Rowing Coxless Four and the European Ryder Cup team."

After being criticised on social networking sights for what many called "a cop out", the BBC released a statement clarifying how Team GB ultimately won an award they initially did not appear to be eligible for.

"The panel had the right to amend the criteria of the awards where there was unanimous agreement to do so," they explained.

"The panel agreed that it was impossible to split the achievements of Team GB and Paralympics GB into individual disciplines in such a year of triumph and history making, and hence the criteria for the Team of the Year was amended accordingly."

However, the full explanation of the Team of the Year award, posted on the BBC website, made no mention of the panel 'having the right to amend the criteria'.

The Team of the Year rules on the BBC website

So what do you think? Was it a cop-out that cheapens the credibility of the award? Or were Team GB the only logical winners? Leave your thoughts below.